BMW_e92_335i_VMR_V710_19x85_19x10_ST_coilovers_msport-4 Today this E92 BMW 335i rolled into the shop for service, and we took the opportunity to snap a photo of the wealth of mods this car sported.
BMW_e92_335i_VMR_V710_19x85_19x10_ST_coilovers_msport-6 The Matte Black VMR V710 Wheels for BMW E92 are a great fit for the car, the styling compliments the car brilliantly and the matte black finish helps solidify the white-and-black theme the owner has created. Those with a keen eye might also notice the car sports a set of M3 Style Side Skirts for E92 and a set of Carbon Fiber DTM Style Front Splitters for E92 Msport, giving the car a more aggressive aesthetic.BMW_e92_335i_VMR_V710_19x85_19x10_ST_coilovers_msport-7 The ST Suspension Coilovers for BMW E92 have some miles on them, and have help up fairly well in the dry conditions of Southern California, since we don’t get much snow at lower elevations in SoCal there’s little need for the stainless finish of a KW coilover.BMW_e92_335i_VMR_V710_19x85_19x10_ST_coilovers_msport-8 A step back reveals a set of painted front reflectors for BMW E92, which really clean up the look of the car. Ironically, you never notice this cosmetic mod, because it blends in instead of standing out like a sore thumb like the nasty OEM amber front reflectors. Yeah they may be there by regulation, but holy hell are they ugly. It’s a car, not a bicycle. So with painted reflectors, instead of noticing that nasty amber blemish on each of the car’s cheeks, you notice the whole front end overall.BMW_e92_335i_VMR_V710_19x85_19x10_ST_coilovers_msport-9Continuing the white-and-black theme is a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Rear Diffuser for E92, which frames the 335i’s dual exhaust tips perfectly and helps maintain the aggressive look – and breaking with the carbon accent theme is a very subtle body color M3 style Trunk Lip Spoiler for E90/E92.

Sitting low on the ST Suspension coilovers, the fitment is about perfect for a daily driven car. From this angle this M3 Style Side Skirts really stand out.
BMW_e92_335i_VMR_V710_19x85_19x10_ST_coilovers_msport-12All told, this is a really gorgeous looking package with a lot of subtle detail to be appreciated.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson