When I first started here over a year ago, the first car I took photos of for was a brand new 135i. This is that same car, a year later and with a year’s worth of mods.IMG_5510
The day I met the owner Matt, he was getting a 135i Remus Exhaust and Carbon Fiber M Sport Performance Style Rear Diffuser installed, and those were his first mods with Since then, he has added quite a few other mods, including the E82 carbon fiber trunk spoiler seen here.





Matt has worked closely with Modification Experts Alan Wei and Frank Kim getting all the info he needs to choose his mods. Performance wise, Matt added a BMS Performance N55 Intake for maximum airflow, and a Wagner Tuning BMW N55 Intercooler to keep those temps down on hot days. Of course Matt has a tune, going with the JB4 Tuner. Add in the Evolution Racewerks N55 Chargepipe he picked up from us recently, and you have a pretty quick daily driver.

IMG_5564Out front, Matt has gone with OSS Design Headlights, adding a very subtle blue accent to the white on white look. He also has Matte Black Kidney Grilles and an E82 Carbon Fiber Front Lip, adding simple yet effective styling.

His wheels are the stock E82 wheels plastidipped in white (I couldn’t tell they were). He says that wheels would be the next mod, nearly completing the look he wants to achieve.

I wasn’t a fan of the E82 at first. But Matt has done a great job in tastefully modifying his 135i over the past year, making this a car I wouldn’t mind driving.

Here’s how it looked a year ago.


Contrast that with the car you see today – it’s come quite a ways.


Matt is a true car enthusiast, patiently modding his car over time making it his own.  That’s something that we can all resonate with.

Huge thanks to Matt for all the support and allowing us to take these pictures of his car. Check out his full mod list below.

Car: 2013 BMW 135i (E82)
135i Remus Exhaust
Carbon Fiber M Sport Performance Style Rear Diffuser
E82 carbon fiber trunk spoiler
BMS Performance N55 Intake
Wagner Tuning BMW N55 Intercooler
JB4 Tuner
Evolution Racewerks N55 Chargepipe
Matte Black Kidney Grilles
E82 Carbon Fiber Front Lip
Aluminum Pedal Set

Original Story & Photos Doug Johnson
Updated by Nick Gregson