The Mercedes-Benz W205 C63 AMG is the performance tier for the current generation of C-class (2015 – present), and it’s a powerhouse. Sporting a 4.0L V8 that sends 469bhp to the rear wheels, this Mercedes knocks 0-60mph out in 4.1 seconds. Accompanying the powerful drivetrain is a powerful list of technological features, including driver assist, intuitive traction control, a massive infotainment system, and AMG Dynamic Select to electronically change the suspension settings.

As aggressive as the W205 platform is, the factory suspension is far from that. However, modifying the W205’s suspension isn’t all that simple – the introduction of AMG Dynamic Select means there’s an electronic component to the car’s suspension, which most suspension options don’t cater to.

Mr. Al Kristianto came in looking to ditch the floaty stock suspension and give the car the look it deserves – however, he wasn’t keen on interfering with AMG Dynamic Select, which limited his options.  Luckily, H&R’s Sport Springs take his C63 AMG Sedan down to a tasteful ride height while enhancing performance, providing comfort and reducing body roll, all the while maintaining the factory electronic suspension dynamics.

H&R is a trusted brand in high quality suspension components and has been manufacturing these components since its founding in the late 1970’s by Werner Heine and Heinz Remmen. Most widely-known for their “Sport” variant of lowering springs, H&R is, and has been, a leader in spring, coilover, swaybar, and wheel spacer products.

Installation of these H&R Sport Springs simply involves removal of the stock springs and replacing them with the lowering springs.

Here we compare the H&Rs with the stock Mercedes-Benz springs. The dimensions between the two are notably similar, but the H&R lowering springs feature an improved coil pattern that lends to their performance as a sport spring.

Once installed, these lowering springs offer a tasteful drop of 0.8″ on all four corners, filling out a good amount of wheel gap while maintaining daily drivability. This is due in part to the fact that H&R’s springs don’t interfere with the factory electronic suspension, so Al can continue to use AMG Dynamic Select.

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