A few weeks back, Joon U brought in his E92 BMW M3 coupe to change out the kind of boring OEM wheels for something much sharper and more appropriate for the sleek M coupe. Mod Expert Alan had just the thing in mind – one of the newest Flow Form wheels from VMR Wheels.

When it comes to wheels for E9X M3, thanks to the M3’s suspension and wider fenders, an M3 is able to run a more aggressive fitment. Mod Expert Alan had set Joon up with a fitment of 19×10 ET25 / 19×11 ET25 with a set of 19in VMR V810 Wheels for BMW E92 M3.

BMW_E92_m3_VMR_V810_19x10et25_19x11et25_joon-8In order to make the most of those lightweight flow form VMR V810 wheels, Alan set Joon up with a set of fat Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 275/30-19 / 295/30-19 to ensure the precision handling of the E92 M3 stays razor sharp with tires that let the car perform at its best.
BMW_E92_m3_VMR_V810_19x10et25_19x11et25_joon-4Flanked by a F10 BMW 550i with a fresh M5 front bumper, the E92 looks especially good.
Here’s another angle on the 810s – the dolphin gray finish is an excellent compliment to the car’s dark coloration.
BMW_E92_m3_VMR_V810_19x10et25_19x11et25_joon-3Those Michelins look especially beefy from this angle. Thanks to Joon for letting us share his ride with you, and thank you for joining us once again. We’ll see you next time!

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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson