After keeping us in the dark for some time about when he was going to get his next car – and what that would be, Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei finally relented the other day and spilled the beans – taking delivery on a shiny new F82 BMW M4 in Alpine White. Him being Alan, the car was hardly in his possession for 24 hours before it was getting its first mod.

Eibach Springs has had a set of european lowering springs for the F82 BMW M4 and F80 BMW M3, but the front springs were just too soft for american driving preferences. So after months of development, Eibach finally had their set of Lowering Springs for F82 BMW M4 and F80 BMW M3 ready for the North American Market.

That called for Alan to cruise out to Eibach USA Headquarters for a personal visit to get the first production set of springs installed on his M4.



The above photo is a direct before/after taken in the same spot. But that’s not very interesting to look at, so here’s the full gallery of Sr Mod Expert Alan’s F82 BMW M4 on North-American Spec Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for BMW M4.

BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-3 Of course, we had to get the obligatory photo with the sign.BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-5 And this one too. But the building’s massive, and you can’t really appreciate the drop from here.BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-8 Let’s take a closer look. The North American Spec Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for BMW M4 lower the car 0.8in up front and 0.2in at the rear for a subtle drop.BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-12 BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-17 BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-18 BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-22 BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-26Back at the shop, of course we had to take some more photos.
BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-27 BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-28 BMW_F82_M4_Alpine_Alan_Eibach_Springs_Visit-29

If you’re looking for a conservative drop for your daily driven M4, look no further than Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for F82 BMW M4.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson