Are you someone that’s preparing to get your car (and yourself) on the track for the first time? Perhaps you’re looking for the best beginner modifications that guide you in the right direction—our owner and founder Ron from Talking Mods recently made a video sharing his opinions on “The 7 Best Beginner Mods For A Track Day“. While we understand the modification list for track days can extend more than 7 and everyone’s taste for mods vary—these mods are directed towards the easiest and must have’s for your first time being on the track.

Take a look at our video as Ron discusses how important it is to have an alignment before putting yourself on the track and how effective tire pressure can be for you. He jumps into the brake fluid conversation and why you should swap your OEM Brake Fluid—while you’re on the track your brakes are required to work much harder than on the road and this makes them extremely hot. Following the brake fluid, he mentions how important it is to keep up with your maintenance, don’t be that person pulled over on the side of the track just because you weren’t keeping up with your maintenance! Having a driving coach will save you a lot of time from your own mistakes and will guide you in the right direction (literally). Save yourself the time so you can enjoy the track, hire a coach or someone to assist you—you won’t regret it!

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