fifteen52 Turbomac 17×8 ET40 / Swift Spec R Springs for Fiesta ST

Yesterday morning, Matthew J’s Fiesta ST rolled into the shop basically stock, save for a set of fifteen52 Turbomac wheels for Fiesta ST – Matthew’s buddy, Dave, has been modding his OxWhite ST with us here for quite a while now, and today was the day Matthew caught up – opting for a major suite of upgrades from Cobb Tuning and installed a set of Swift Spec R Springs for Fiesta ST to improve the ride quality and handling of the already nimble Fiesta ST. Mod Expert Blake was on hand once again to help facilitate the install and get all the puzzle pieces into place for a smooth install.



Sr. Installer Dave made quick work of removing the factory FMIC and installing the Cobb FMIC for Fiesta ST with Chargepipes to keep the incoming aircharge cool. The FMIC is the most important component for stepping up to Stage II and Stage III. Bolstering traction is a Cobb Rear Motor Mount for Fiesta ST and a Cobb Shift Knob enhances feel.

After installing the hard parts, the last thing to do was to install the Cobb Stage III Off-the-shelf 91 Octane Map using the Cobb AccessPORT for Fiesta ST.

Ford_Fiesta_ST_TB_Cobb_Stg_III_Swift_Spgs_Fifteen52_Turbomac-4 The Cobb Catback Exhaust for Fiesta ST peeks out just the right amount from under the bumper.Ford_Fiesta_ST_TB_Cobb_Stg_III_Swift_Spgs_Fifteen52_Turbomac-5

The Cobb Intake for Fiesta ST is one of the best on the market, its unique ABS plastic rotomolded construction means that it’s an excellent insulator against heat, preventing heat soak that would affect an aluminum intake tube – and the sealed airbox design means it’s a true “Cold Air Intake”.Ford_Fiesta_ST_TB_Cobb_Stg_III_Swift_Spgs_Fifteen52_Turbomac-7

fifteen52 Turbomac 17×8 ET40 / Swift Spec R Springs for Fiesta ST

Here’s the stance on the fifteen52 wheels and the Spec R Swift Springs for Fiesta ST. Much like we said when we fitted our Fiesta ST with coilovers, Matthew reports that the car actually rides smoother than stock on the Swift Springs.Ford_Fiesta_ST_TB_Cobb_Stg_III_Swift_Spgs_Fifteen52_Turbomac-8

fifteen52 Turbomac 17×8 ET40 / Swift Spec R Springs for Fiesta ST


fifteen52 Turbomac 17×8 ET40 / Swift Spec R Springs for Fiesta ST


The fifteen52 Turbomac is an especially good looking wheels when you take a moment to appreciate the details.

Ford_Fiesta_ST_TB_Cobb_Stg_III_Swift_Spgs_Fifteen52_Turbomac-11 Here’s a few angles on the exhaust so you can get a better idea of how it sits.Ford_Fiesta_ST_TB_Cobb_Stg_III_Swift_Spgs_Fifteen52_Turbomac-12 To the left of the car is the massive pile of the factory parts we pulled off the car.Ford_Fiesta_ST_TB_Cobb_Stg_III_Swift_Spgs_Fifteen52_Turbomac-13All told, now Matthew’s Tuxedo black Fiesta ST sounds as good as it looks with even sharper handling and acceleration than the car already boasted to begin with – speaking from personal experience, and Matthew will second our opinion – a Stage III Fiesta ST is pretty much the most fun you can have in a hot hatch and will leave you smiling every time. Check out the video review for yourself back at the beginning.

We hope you enjoyed the photos and video, and we’ll see you next time!

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Story, Video & Photos Nick Gregson
Special Thanks Dave R & Matthew J