Joseph L brought his Subaru BRZ Series Blue into ModAuto yesterday to have a new exhaust fitted to give the BRZ Exhaust a better sound. The Series Blue rolled in already sporting a set of coilovers fitted to the BRZ Suspension and a set of Valenti Tail Lights for BRZ to give the rear end of the car a bit more sex appeal. Co-Founder Ron helped Joseph out with coordinating the install – a new Invidia Exhaust system would find its home under this BRZ.


Here’s the before shot of how the car looked with the OEM exhaust tips. Those things are sunken so deep in there you can’t hardly see them!Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-12The technicians at our install shop, ModAuto, made quick work of removing the factory exhaust system and from this angle you can make out the Coilovers for Subaru BRZ.
Since Joseph L wanted a system that wasn’t overly loud, an Invidia Q300 Catback Exhaust for Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S was a great way to go.Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-8We bolted it all together and the Invidia Q300 fit right in.
Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-9 The addition of a resonator midway down brings the sound level down to a nice conservative level.Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-10As opposed to the N1, the Invidia Q300 features a chambered rear muffler for a smoother exhaust note. With the system installed, all we had to do was pull it outside and check out how it looked and sounded.

Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-1 The BRZ Series Blue adds several upgrades to the BRZ Exterior, like an STi Front Lip.Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-2The STi Side Skirts and STi Wheels for BRZ look great on the car, though maybe a set of spacers might make the fitment “perfect”Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-7 The Q300 exhaust tips feature a burnt titanium style finish on their exhaust tips, and fitted with the STi Lower Diffuser, it looks rather fantastic.Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-3 Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-4 The car’s stance is also pretty well set up, without much rake to speak of.Subaru_BRZ_Series_Blue_Invidia_N1_Exhaust_install-5A ll told, Joseph’s got quite the clean BRZ Series Blue build going on, and we look forward to seeing it again in the future.

Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson