Audi_B85_S4_SepangBlue_Remus_Quad_Exhaust-7 The other day, Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei clued us into a Sepang Blue B8.5 Audi S4 fresh from the dealer coming in to be fitted with a Remus Axle-Back Exhaust for B8.5 Audi S4 to give the car an exhaust note befitting its potent performance.Audi_B85_S4_SepangBlue_Remus_Quad_Exhaust-14


The Remus Exhaust fitted to the B8.5 Audi S4 features polished quad 84mm tips that really make the rear valance shine, allowing that intense Sepang blue paint to “pop” much more.

Audi_B85_S4_SepangBlue_Remus_Quad_Exhaust-12 Of course, given that we don’t see too many Audis in this beautiful color, we had to do some glamour shots.Audi_B85_S4_SepangBlue_Remus_Quad_Exhaust-13On the day of the install in particular we had quite the Audi-tastic lineup going on in front of the shop, so we snapped a few photos.
Audi_B85_S4_SepangBlue_Remus_Quad_Exhaust-15 Audi_B85_S4_SepangBlue_Remus_Quad_Exhaust-16 You can glimpse the Sepang Blue S4’s nose peeking out from behind Mod Specialist Kevin’s slammed air-ride Audi A4.

Audi_B85_S4_SepangBlue_Remus_Quad_Exhaust-3 Here’s a closer look at those polished tips, which feature an embossed “REMUS” logo.Audi_B85_S4_SepangBlue_Remus_Quad_Exhaust-4We’ll wrap this up with two final shots.



The Remus Exhaust for the Audi S4 sounds beefy and has a nice low growl to it and isn’t too loud, making it perfect for the daily driver while giving the car a bit more character than the sleepy-quiet stock exhaust.

Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoyed the photos!


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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson