For years, BMW performance cars have been offering a valved exhaust system as a means to limit exhaust noise, only opening up to full volume when you really push the car – but what if, say, you have a late model F80 BMW M3 and want to hear your S55 Turbo Six roar when you’re cruising around, but don’t want to get yourself arrested driving like Ken Block around town to get the sound you want. Back in the day of the Vacuum-Controlled valved exhausts, we had tricks like the Golf Tee Mod, but with today’s electronic valves you can’t do that.

CG Precision however, has figured out how to pull that off, and now offer this rather cool device that puts the control of your valved exhaust system into your hands. Available for 2015+ F80 M3, F82 M4 and 2015+ X5M and X6M models, the CG Precision Variable Sound Controller for F8X BMW M3/M4 + X5M / X6M installs onto your OEM Exhaust Valve unit and comes with a keyfob remote that allows you to open your exhaust at the push of a button, or close up the valve to leave at zero-dark-thirty without waking the neighbors. Check out the sound clip and video review below.

Sound Example @1:58 — Review @2:48

Need a quiet getaway and drive out of a neighborhood? Got it.
Want to wake the dead with a cold start at your local car show? Got it.
Need to keep your ride quiet on a long cruse or have friends/family in the back? Got it.

No matter the situation, the VSC is ready to adapt.

Whether you’re using your factory BMW exhaust or an aftermarket one… the CG Precision Variable Sound Controller puts YOU in control of your driving experience. Unlike the factory setup which automatically controls exhaust valves based on engine speed, temperature, and throttle response; the VSC acts as a in-between hardware device giving your single button control when even you want. No tricking of sensors or ECU settings, directly plug-n-play.

As you can see in the video, the instant you press the button, that valve opens or closes immediately. It’s pretty cool, in our opinion, making it one of our favorite new mods to hit the market.

At just $199.99 as of press time, this is a rather inexpensive mod, and the cool thing is, it works with both the factory exhaust system as well as aftermarket setups, too!

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Story Nick Gregson

Video/Photos Arlen Forsstrom