The other day Johnny T brought in his brand new 2015 Nissan GT-R [R35] to get a subtle upgrade to change up its exhaust note with some help from Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei.


The GT-R is already one mean performance car, but a simple upgrade to the GT-R exhaust system gives it the sound it needs to stir the soul, rather than the sanitary feel of the stock setup.

Check out this quick comparison video we put together comparing the sound before and after installing the Borla Midpipe in this short video.



The sound the Borla Midpipe gave the car was a subtle change, offering more power and a more refined tone without making the car drone or unpleasant to drive (I had a friend from Japan whose family owned an R34 Nür-Spec that had been modified, and she complained the exhaust gave her migranes, which you don’t want).

Nissan_R35_GT-R_Blue_Borla_Midsection_-5 The brilliant blue color really looks great on the late model GT-R, and though the car’s been out for a few years now, the GT-R doesn’t feel at all “long in the tooth” with regular aesthetic and performance updates with each model year (along with a steeper pricetag).

The side profile of the car is gorgeous. Really, for no other reason than because it’s pretty, check out the rest of the photos of this GT-R’s visit to ModAuto.Nissan_R35_GT-R_Blue_Borla_Midsection_-11


Even a small change like a midpipe can really alter your driving experience – we hope you enjoyed the photos and video.

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson