At ModBargains install shop, ModAuto, we’re known for our top of the line equipment and expert technicians – working on a proper supercar is right up our alley. That’s why yesterday Sr Mod Expert Alan helped his friend and customer out fitting a more sporting exhaust system to this fresh-from-the-dealer 991 Porsche 911 GT3. This monster of a road-going race car already sounded pretty aggressive from the getgo, but fitting this car with an upgraded Exhaust for Porsche 991 GT3 from Sharkwerks cranked the dial all the way up to eleven.

Check out the video above and have a listen to the sound for yourself – the car sounded pissed off and angry with the stock exhaust and the valves open, though it sounded like a muted trumpet with the valve closed.

Porsche_911_GT3_991_Sharkwerkz_exh-4For years Porsche has controlled the output of their racing engines by restricting flow at the intake and the exhaust, which is why things like intake manifold upgrades offer such massive gains.
Porsche_911_GT3_991_Sharkwerkz_exh-6 That same manner of limiting output applies to their production street cars as well. We’ll be replacing the OEM muffler with a high flow Sharkwerks exhaust, which will not only dramatically improve flow, but also shave some weight off the back of the car.Porsche_911_GT3_991_Sharkwerkz_exh-7 Here’s the Sharkwerks system we’ll be fitting. This system basically eliminates the mufflers entirely, and because it retains the catalytic converters and emissions equipment, so though it is certainly loud,  it’s California legal.Porsche_911_GT3_991_Sharkwerkz_exh-8

In this shot you can see where the factory exhaust mated up to the cats. That whole box is the muffler can – looking at this, it makes sense how that Sharkwerks system saves weight, right?


After removing the factory rear muffler, we mounted the new exhaust in its place. This system retains the OEM exhaust tips as well.


With all the bits back in, here’s the finished look of the Sharkwerks Porsche 991 GT3 exhaust.


Though it’s hard to see with the car back on the ground, the Sharkwerks exhaust makes this one GT3 that will make everyone sit up and take notice, offering a brutal supercar wail.

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Story, Video & Photos Nicholas Gregson