You might remember Justin W’s MP275-equipped Focus ST from a few weeks back, (the one with the Highlighter Yellow Turbomacs who bought his ST after taking a ride in Martin C’s Cobb Stage 3 Focus ST). Being a prolific modder, he couldn’t leave the exhaust stock with all these other mods done – so this time Justin was in to see Mod Expert Blake about fitting a Resonated MillTek Sport Cat-Back Exhaust to his 2015 Focus ST.


Here’s one last look at the stock catback.

Ford_Focus_ST_MP275_Milltek_Catback_BC_Coils_Turbomacs-4 The MillTek Sport resonated catback exhaust for Focus ST was so beautifully polished, it felt like a shame that it’d be hidden under the car.Ford_Focus_ST_MP275_Milltek_Catback_BC_Coils_Turbomacs-6 Here’s how the MillTek Catback looked when installed from below – note that we haven’t installed the tips yet.


While we were under the car, we also fitted Justin’s Focus ST with a CP-e Rear Motor Mount for Focus ST, to ensure that shifts are positive and smooth with no nasty bang and minimized wheelhop. (Read more about what the Rear Motor Mount For Focus ST does here)
Ford_Focus_ST_MP275_Milltek_Catback_BC_Coils_Turbomacs-14With the new Rear Motor Mount installed and the MillTek Sport catback fitted, all we had left to do was go outside and get some sound clips.

Have a listen to the sound for yourself in the video above.


To give the MillTek Sport catback its own unique look, Justin had his exhaust tips custom powdercoated matte black to complete the blacked-out, sleek look he has going on (of course, with select highlighter yellow accents)

Here are a few angles – the trick with black exhaust tips is they don’t show well in photos, but in person they really do look great.Ford_Focus_ST_MP275_Milltek_Catback_BC_Coils_Turbomacs-18

We hope you enjoyed the photos and video, and we’ll see you next time!

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Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Story, Video & Photos Nick Gregson