The Ford Focus ST is a hell of a lot of fun for a practical hot-hatch, but the factory exhaust note is kind of well, boring. It’s quiet and flat, and not everyone likes the funky hexagonal exhaust tip – which is why upgrading your Focus ST Exhaust is one of the most popular upgrades for the car. We’re installing an MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust on this Focus ST to give this hot hatch a more menacing character.

Ford_Focus_ST_MBRP_Exhaust-3 With its torquey Ecoboost 2.0L engine, there’s enough meat left on the bone with your Focus ST that you’re looking at a decent power gain in addition to a satisfying exhaust note that won’t put you to sleep. The MBRP Exhaust for Focus ST is one of the louder options, but is available with an optional resonator should you want to tone it down a bit, but that extra volume also comes with more power – this exhaust system has been dyno-proven to deliver an extra 18whp and 16lb/ft of torque – AT THE WHEELS, so that’s a difference you’re as sure to notice as the sound.


Ford_Focus_ST_MBRP_Exhaust-6 Here’s the stock exhaust – look at the size of that muffler! The sound level for most ST owners preference is loud enough to hear, not like the quiet stock exhaust.

Ford_Focus_ST_MBRP_ExhaustThe large 3in diameter tubing can be a bit tricky to get into place, but for the power and sound, the effort is well worth it.

Here’s the MBRP Exhaust mid-install, you can see the two resonators along the path of the exhaust – note the smooth bends and transitions that enhance exhaust velocity.

Ford_Focus_ST_MBRP_Exhaust-10 Ford_Focus_ST_MBRP_Exhaust-11

The MBRP Dual Slash Cut tips fill out the rear valance nicely, but the sound is the real attraction. Give it a listen in the clip below.

Ford_Focus_ST_MBRP_Exhaust-12The MBRP tips protrude just enough to be visible in profile, aggressive and subtle all at once.

Ford_Focus_ST_MBRP_Exhaust-13The slash cut tips also feature an etched MBRP logo for an extra touch of detail.


An exhaust system can really make your Focus ST a lot more fun to drive and make people turn their heads to look and take notice whenever you arrive, and with the MBRP Exhaust, you’re sure to be heard.

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos and video.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson