When your car is Lime Rock Orange, it’s hard not to be noticed. Funny thing is, with the factory exhaust equipped on an E9X BMW M3, noone will notice you – the car is far too quiet and lacks that signature V8 roar you’d expect of a car packing eight cylinders. You expect a sound that speaks to the power under the hood – that’s why Dustin L brought his Lime Rock Orange and Black E92 BMW M3 into the shop for a visit with Mod Expert Sean to have the E92 M3 Exhaust spiced up a bit.

First, we fitted a Modified OEM BMW M3 Exhaust to unlock some of the car’s character. Check out the sound after fitting a set of our modified OEM BMW M3 mufflers.

We custom weld each set of our modified M3 exhaust systems here in house, one of the only items we actually produce ourselves -but we’re very proud of the work that our Senior Install Tech & Welder Dave puts into each system he does.

Being some of our older inventory, this X-Pipe is black, but all new Remus exhaust components feature a handsome Shot-Peened finish.

Dustin, however, found that even with the modified OEM Exhaust, he wanted a little more, so he came back to see E9X M3 Specialist, Mod Expert Sean, to see what he could do. Sean recommended a Remus X-Pipe for E9X M3, also called “Racing Tubes”, to unlock more power and really unleash the beastly roar of that high-revving V8. The Remus X-pipe requires cutting the OEM X-pipe just after the catalytic converters, leaving the emissions equipment functional and intact – so while this exhaust setup might make the local constabulary raise an eyebrow, you can take your M3 to smog, totally legit.

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (11)

Another M3 with Remus X-Pipe installed shown for reference – older finish shown.

In addition to giving you that incredible V8 Roar, the X-Pipe offers a significant improvement in seat of the pants power you’ll feel whenever you sink your foot into the go-pedal. While we don’t have a dyno for what it’ll do without the catback, by our estimates, most M3s will pick up 15-20 horsepower– pretty darn good for just one part of the exhaust system.

Sound Clip Demonstrating Remus E9X M3 X-Pipe with OEM Exhaust from Mod Expert Tim

Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to record the sound after fitting the Remus X-pipe, but the video above gives you a good idea of what that X-pipe does when mated to the OEM Exhaust system.

Dustin’s Lime Rock Orange M3 sports a host of Gloss Black accents that gives an already conspicuous car an even more striking look – the inner lip of the lower grilles have been filled in with gloss black – setting the tone for this car’s very cohesive theme. Up on the hood, we have Gloss Black Hood Vent Covers for BMW E9X M3 to start things off…

BMW Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles keep the theme going…
And that’s not all – the theme continues with a set of Gloss Black Painted Reflectors for E9X M3s and Gloss Black M3 Fender Grilles to boot. Even the mirror covers have been repainted gloss black. The theme even continues rearward, where the Performance Style Trunk Spoiler has been painted Gloss Black as well.
With the new exhaust fitted, this is one car you’ll be hard pressed not to notice.
We love Lime Rock Orange M3s, so enjoy the rest of the photo gallery below.

With a couple tweaks, the Mod Experts can make even a visually bold car like this even more of a standout.

Want to make your boring stock E92 BMW M3 more interesting? Check out our guide to the Best Mods for the BMW E9X M3, then talk to our team of Mod Experts like our resident E9X M3 specialist Sean (x8009 for Sean), give us a call at 714-582-3330 to chat with our team of experts or stop by the ModAuto showroom in La Habra CA during business hours (8-5 M-Sat) and talk to our experts in person.

Story & Photos Nick Gregson