Today On Know Your Mods… Want to lower your Audi, BMW or VW? Got $500? DONE. Solo-werks is here to completely change the game when it comes to bang for buck performance. Everything you need to lower your ride, tuned from the factory, ready to install and enjoy, you simply can’t beat the price and convenience of solo werks S1 line of coilovers.

These are very-very popular coilovers with our customers. By far one of the best “bang-for-the-buck” to basically lower the car and remove that ugly fender gap on your vehicle. So in this video, we’re gonna walk you through some of the benefits and details about the Solo-werks coilovers, so hopefully it gives you a little bit better idea if it’s the right fit for you and your modification list.


Whats the S1’s secret?… Properly matched springs and shortened shock bodies with tuned valving. Solowerks goes out of there way to make sure ride and build quality come first before the marketing hype that many other brands go for. With Solowerks, your hard earned money goes into the product and not an expensive brand name which can inflate the price.
Alright let’s go through the top three benefits of the Solo-Werks S1 coilovers number one again, is the best “bang-for-the-buck”. At the price point that these are at, it’s really almost unbeatable in terms of an actually tuned suspension setup for the car. This is specifically designed for the vehicle, it’s going to go on the car, not have any installation problems… but you’re paying a really-really aggressive price point. Number two, it’s going to remove that ugly fender gap. This is usually the motivation for about ninety five percent of the suspension jobs done here at ModBargains and ModAuto… especially after  you’ve done a wheel and tire package or if you’re planning on doing one.
Now the benefit of going with the Solo-werks coilover is that it is height adjustable… and that means that you can actually raise and lower the height… with a manual adjustment. It’s not with a button or anything like that… you do have to get in there and actually turn something over… but you are able to adjust the height.
So lets say you start with 17-inch wheels then go to 18-inch and then go to 19-inch. Sometimes that requires a height adjustment to avoid fender rubbing, and that’s what you get with the Solo-werks S1 coilover; you’re going to get just what you need to lower it.
You’re also going to get a more dynamic driving experience. What do we mean by dynamic?
I mean you’re gonna feel and experience the road more than you would
on that kind of softly set-up suspension system. So I still say that these are “girlfriend & wife approved”, if you will… because they’re not going to be super bouncy and harsh like some track coilover setups are that are designed to move only on really smooth pavement. They are good for daily driver cars but you’re going to feel a lot more of the road and have more response in the steering wheel. So they’re a great OE+ street performance upgrade because the springs and the shocks are actually matched together. So when you’re gettinga Solo-werks S1 coilover… you’ve got a spring and shock already pairedtogether… tuned to operate together… and that gives you the benefits and you don’t necessarily have to have something that’s dampening adjustable for just a daily driven car.
Essentially what you’re getting is a coilover system that is going to lower it,
get tight corner response, less body roll under aggressive driving… and it’s not going to break the bank.
Well, in a lot of cases it makes more sense to go with a coilover instead of just lowering springs. The main reason for that is oftentimes your stock shocks already need to be replaced anyways and you haven’t really noticed it yet.
Now if you’re driving let’s say a BMW that has around 60,000, 70,000 80,000 miles and never replace the shocks… if you just add a lowering spring you’re going to get a pretty harsh ride, and it’s not
the lowering springs fault… it just means that your stock shocks are probably pretty worn out and the more aggressive spring kind of finished the job of what just normal wear and tear would do.
So for customers in that lifespan of the of the car, we always recommend that they do a coilover anyways. You also get a shock and a spring that’s matched together and that’s usually going to result in better ride quality better performance overall the dampening is pre tuned all you have to do is set the ride height and you’re good to go.
Maybe you haven’t heard of the brand name, maybe you have… a lot of people are starting to become more and more familiar with the brand name and that’s really due to the fact that they are true enthusiasts… that… you know…. drive the cars that they’re building their coilovers for.
They are not a start-up, they’ve been around for many years now but they are one of the smaller manufacturing companies in terms of like… volume… and it’s really great to see Solo-werks outat lot of the events that we attend – they’re grassroots guys who developed a coilover to suit the budget of a grassroots racer that doesn’t suck, simply put.
They actually sponsor right alongside of us out at local shows, they are there… displaying their products… interacting one-on-one with enthusiasts…
asking questions… and developing more products based on the feedback that they get from people that attend those shows. They’re designed for enthusiasts if you will.
So they look at like which cars are owned by enthusiasts and they’re going to make the coilovers just for them. They’ve really got that passion and they’ve really been focused on keeping the price affordable, which here at
ModBargains, we can really respect and support that.
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Story Edited for blog by Nick Gregson

Video by Arlen Forsstrom starring Mike Brown

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