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Marc C recently brought his E63 BMW M6 to the shop for a visit with Sr Mod Expert Alan, to give this V10 coupe an injection of power and personality. Marc tells us he’d been waiting years to save up to make his M6 more exciting- and to be entirely fair to the M6, the factory mufflers and intake system gives what should be a thrilling car a kind of bland feel. Sr Mod Expert Alan had just the right set of mods in mind to change the M6’s look and sound to make it the Ultimate Driving Machine that it ought to be.

We installed an aFe Intake for BMW E63 M6 to get the S85 V10 breathing more freely. Replacing the OEM airboxes with these two high flow aFe conical intakes and heat shields nets a tidy gain of 28 horsepower and 24 lb/ft of torque at the rear wheels for a significant bump in acceleration and throttle response.

Check out the 3d view above.

Eisenmann Exhaust for BMW E63 M6

aFe Intake for BMW E63 M6

Rogue Engineering Pulleys for BMW E63 M6


Then to make the S85 a bit more free-revving, we fitted a Rogue Engineering Crank Pulley for BMW E63 M6 which yields a few more horsepower but makes the S85 a lot more willing to rev, shaving more time off its acceleration.

It’s certainly a challenge to do, but our Master Installation Tech Dave was more than up for the job. The Rogue Engineering Power Pulley also utilizes a standard size serpentine belt, so that when you do need to replacement, it’s not a matter of overnighting some specialty belt, but rather just a trip to the local auto parts store, which is great long term peace of mind.

The real moneymaker though, was ditching the overly quiet and restrictive OEM rear mufflers with an Eisenmann Exhaust for BMW E63 M6. Marc opted for the Oval tip option, which suits the M6’s character better than the OEM round tips did. In these shots, only one side is on, so you can really appreciate the before and after.

Here’s another angle with the Eisenmann system versus stock side by side.
With both installed, the car looks great both from above and below – and since the Eisenmann Exhaust as configured here does not touch the catalytic converters, this system is CARB and EPA emissions legal. With the car done we cruised outside for some photos.

Here’s another underhood view. While yeah, the S85 V10 monster under the hood looks great, the real story is how the car now looks, sounds and performs.
We happened to be present when Marc came walking up to see his M6 fitted with all the goodies for the first time, and his jaw was definitely on the floor when he heard the V10 roar for the first time. It sounds like a monster and the Eisenmann oval tips are a gorgeous compliment to the car’s aesthetics. Check out how it looks from a few different angles in the shots below.

As Marc found out, just three mods done in one afternoon totally transformed the character of the M6, unlocking a significant bump in horsepower and torque and the muscular, authoritative burble you’d expect of a ponycar down low, but has that incredible Formula One racer wail when you really wind it out. Incredible.

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Story & All Original Photos by Nick Gregson