White Ford Fiesta ST Gold Wheels

Customer Dave R has been something of a regular since he picked up his Oxford White Fiesta ST nearly a year ago, and it’s been a joy to watch as the car takes each step away from stock and becomes a more personalized creation.


The Mod Experts  has been helping Dave out with his order, and recently Dave brought the car in to get fitted with an Injen Catback Exhaust for Fiesta ST to go with the Cobb Stage II Setup we wrote about last time – namely the Cobb Fiesta ST Front Mount Intercooler + Chargepipe kitCOBB Intake for Fiesta STCobb Rear Motor Mount for Fiesta ST and of course, a Cobb AccessPORT for Ford Fiesta ST.



Here’s the stock exhaust…


And here’s the Injen Catback. The OEM exhaust is just 2.17in diameter (if memory serves) and Injen Technology bumped up the Fiesta ST Exhaust to a 3in diameter tube.

Featuring mandrel-bent 3in tubing, the Injen catback exhaust offers a significant increase in flow.

Have a listen to the sound.
Dave R just got his system, so we can’t exactly ask “How do you like your exhaust after an hour of having it?” and give you any kind of meaningful answer, so instead, we asked a few other FiST owners with the Injen Catback how they felt about theirs.


Here’s what fellow Fiesta ST owner Connor S had to say about his Injen Catback for Fiesta ST (SES9016RS):

“Great quality exhaust for a great price.  Exhaust has a nice deep tone. Does have some drone if you are on an incline going about 75 to 80 mph, but cruising on flat roads it’s very quiet. You can hear it slightly, but it’s not annoying by any means. I drive 36 miles to work and exhaust never gets on my nerves. Just know that there can be some drone.

Exhaust was initially very loud when first installed and I was worried it was too loud. However, it seemed to quiet down after about 700 miles. (I’ve asked several other people and they agreed it’s quieter) It’s at basically the perfect volume now. I can still hear it while cruising and it gets louder when you accelerate hard. I would call it stealthy, but it’s not a fart cannon either.

Product seems very well made and the burnt tip looks great as well. (my FIST is white) I opted to get the Cobb hangers and I’m glad I did. They hold the exhaust firmly in place. I was wondering how the single tip style would play out, but I really like how it looks. Overall very pleased and would definitely go with this exhaust again if I had to do it over.”
As you can tell from the video, the system sounds great and the consensus is that people like the sound of this relatively-uncommon exhaust for the FiST. We can’t wait to see what Dave and the Mod Experts have planned for the car next.




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Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Story & Video Nick Gregson