The other day Kyle P brought his E92 BMW M3 into the shop to be fitted with a Remus Axle-Back Exhaust with Connecting Pipes, set up by the Mod Experts.BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-2
BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-5 The car came in with an older Gintani Cat-Back Exhaust for BMW E92 M3, and Kyle felt like it was time for a change.BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-6The Gintani black tips kind of disappear into the Type II Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for E92 M3, and also rubbed against it, making it necessary to remove it and reattach it to be more secure.
BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-10 While we were at it, we also installed a new VRS Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip for E9x M3, getting the frozen blue E92 M3 Exterior looking more like it should.BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-11 We thought the rear decklid looked different, and we were right. The trunk is a EA Style Rear Decklid for BMW E92, which gives the M3 a cleaner look than the CSL style trunk lid. BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-14 The Type II Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser looks great with the Remus Race Exhaust for E92 M3.BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-15 Here’s another angle of how everything all fits together (from straight on)BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-16 With Kyle’s M3 back on the ground, we had to get it out into the sun for some photos.
BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-19 The Frozen Blue looks incredible on the car and the ducktail of the EA Style Rear Decklid for BMW E92, which from the side profile has a more aggressive ducktail than the CSL style trunklid and yet somehow is perfect for the look of Kyle’s Frozen Blue M3.BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-20


From here we can see how the Remus Innovation Street Race tips fit neatly into the diffuser, and you can just barely make out the slot in the top of each tip that exposes that pretty little bit of carbon fiber trim on the tips.

Of course, with any exhaust system, the most important question is “How does it sound?” – Check out the video above to hear it for yourself.


Here’s a closeup of the Remus Exhaust tips installed in the diffuser – see how you can see the Remus logo on each of the tips? It creates a really nice look.

BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-22The VRS Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip for E9x M3 compliments the style of build Kyle’s got going on really well – we really had to admire what Kyle had put together with a bit of help from the Mod Experts .

That wraps it up for this one – we hope you enjoyed the photos and sound clips!

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Story & Photos + Video Nick Gregson