[VIDEO] Did TESLA Kill The Car Modding Industry?!

Something that has been at the top of discussion for a couple of years in the car industry and more so in recent years—are companies like Tesla hurting the car modification industry? Watch today’s episode as our owner and founder Ron of Talking Mods shares his opinion on whether the electric vehicle market will have an impact on the car modification industry. In the video below Ron mentions that there are still modifications you can do to your electric car and we’ll use the most popular one, Tesla. With the limitation of mods like your typical street and track car, you can still get away with a nice set of wheels, some exterior and interior mods, and suspension to name a few.

Not too long ago we shared a blog from a Tesla Model 3 that received a Big Brake Kit and we can’t forget to mention our long time customer @casper_model3 who has a LONG list of mods including air suspension with a pristine set of HRE 540’s that we installed for him (both pictured below). While electric cars have a slight impact on the car enthusiast industry, they won’t massively impact us as long as we are adapting to change and coming up with solutions because, at the end of the day, a lot of us enjoy and love to make our cars look better and stand out!




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