It’s amazing what a difference the right mods can make to a cars appearance. Here are 5 of the Best Mods For Your 2007-13 E90/E92 BMW 335i around – everything you need to build something truly jawdropping and amazing from stunning wheels, to sharper suspension all the way to a killer exhaust setup. There are many ways you can tweak and modify your vehicle to match your unique personality and style.

Never stand for stock and boring! Stand out from the crowd by making a few of the right modifications. Find out more about your vehicle by clicking below – if you have a 4-door 335i built between 2006 and 2011, you have an “E90”, if you have a 2-door coupe or convertible 335i built between 2007-13, you have an “E92” (Cabrios are “E93”). Check out our articles on the best mods for your bodystyle in the two links below.

Best Mods For Your E92 335i Coupe

Best Mods for your E90 335i Sedan

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson

Video by Arlen Forsstrom
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