Why are car enthusiasts so obsessed with Carbon Fiber Aero parts? Alongside aerodynamic performance, the main reason is that carbon fiber aero parts help enhance and transform a car’s look, taking it from 0 to 100. The carbon fiber weave generally accents very well with virtually any car color, and the styling helps compliment the body lines (or even add new ones). Whether its a subtle or drastic change, it still sets your car apart from everyone else.Lamborghini Huracan Morph Auto Design Hydra

As car enthusiasts, we all love to add aerodynamic bits to our cars. Front lips, trunk spoilers, rear diffusers, and the list goes on. Why do we put these parts on our car? Well, for the most part a majority of us do it for styling. Adding all these aerodynamic parts puts our car on a more aggressive level, and creates a new look that stock can’t provide. While that is completely okay, do we know if these parts actually serve any sort of aerodynamic functionality? The reality of it is that most exterior parts are NOT aerodynamically tested! But we do it primarily for the sake of styling. On the other end, it can go the exact opposite way as well. Certain people purchase aerodynamic parts for their car solely for the sake of increasing performance. In return however, they might be left with a very strange or unattractive looking vehicle.

Having the perfect blend of performance increase and beautiful styling can be a challenge for aerodynamic parts. Having both ends balanced is what aerodynamic engineers and manufacturers strive for. Now meet Morph Auto Design (MAD). They are an aerodynamic parts company based in San Francisco and creating beautiful yet fully functional aerodynamic parts is their primary goal. Why is there stuff so awesome? Keep reading to find out!

Lamborghini Huracan Morph Auto Design Hydra

If you thought your carbon fiber aero parts looked super aggressive and were aerodynamically functional, you haven’t seen anything yet. MAD takes every single aspect of aerodynamic styling and efficiency and applies it into their products. Every bit of detail lain within their product has been very carefully thought out to improve aerodynamic performance. Each product also has styling and visual perspectives put into consideration in order to really generate a product that is the best of both worlds. MAD’s visual styling for their products is extremely intricate. They use sharp, bold, and aggressive lines that contour with the stock body. This styling brings the car onto a different platform of aggressiveness and extreme aerodynamic visuals.  MAD uses a high quality Carbon Fiber for all their aerodynamic parts. Carbon Fiber provides for a strong and durable aerodynamic part while keeping the weight at a minimum (and it also looks suuuper rad). MAD uses 2×2 carbon fiber instead of for all their products. 2×2 is stronger than 1×1 because in a 1×1 weave, the carbon fibers are put under strain or tension, and even though they want to pull straight, the fiber can’t due to the repeat of the pattern. The fibers are forced over and under one another, so the tension that is placed on the fiber will eventually shear apart the fabric.  Their R&D is phenomenal as well. The research, engineering, quality control, etc., goes above and beyond any standard within the car community.morph auto design bmw m4 f82 fang kit

Aerodynamic testing through a wind tunnel simulation for the BMW F82 M4 Fang Type kit. You can see where down force is applied in the front of the car and how turbulence is reduced behind the car thanks to the diffuser and wing.

morph auto design gt wing bmw f82 m4

The GT Series Wing through the wind tunnel simulator. You can see where down force is applied on the wing via the area marked red, showing where pressure builds up.

morph auto design bmw f82 m4 gt series canard

GT Series Canard through the wind tunnel simulator. Its fascinating to see how air passes through the center of the canard in between the top and bottom blades. You can also see how pressure is built up at the top of the top blade, helping apply down force to the front of the vehicle. Aero functionality at its finest!

One of MAD’s unique features is their product line is geared towards the true automotive enthusiast. By creating a limited supply item and catering primarily to a particular market of car enthusiasts, MAD is able to focus on creating individual, quality pieces rather than having it mass produced. This allows for a more unique and rare item that is not seen among the general community and better attention to detail for each individual product. The rarity allows owners to stand out and showcase a different, unique look that really catches the eyes of car enthusiasts and when you really think about it, who doesn’t like rare stuff?BMW F82 M4 Alpine White Morph Auto Design Fang Series 2

At the moment MAD has a full aerodynamic program for the BMW F80/F82, Lamborghini Huracan, and Porsche Macan. The F80/F82 is probably their most popular platform. The F80/F82 has four different full aero programs as well as individual aero parts. The Huracan and Macan only have one program, but both look outstanding. Looking at the F80/F82 kits, the four programs offered are the Fang Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4 series. The Type 1 and Type 3 is much more bold and is extremely aggressive. The front spoiler goes up and reaches right above the top of the bumper vent, and protrudes out following the lines along the bottom of the front bumper The Type 3 doesn’t reach as far, but still comes up a considerable amount. The side skirts kick up along the sides, and the rear diffuser reaches up above the grooves in the middle of the bumper. It is a bold kit that really is in your face and absolutely transform how it looks from stock. The Type 2 and Type 4 is far more subtle, but still aggressive in every aspect. The front lip and rear diffuser don’t extend as far up as the Type 1 and Type 3, but when paired with a set of the GT Series Canards it definitely add more aggressive styling and extra aerodynamic efficiency. Something clever that MAD designed is that both the front lip and rear diffuser is completely modular. The bottom lip portion is a single piece that fits both applications, and the two side pieces are separate pieces that are interchangeable for flexible styling. This also applies for the diffuser as well. Along the two programs, MAD offers a GT Racing series for both the F80 and F82, offering a rear trunk wing as well, front upper valences, and the canards as mentioned above. The Fang F80/F82 kit is an absolute monster of a kit and is really a step above the huge variety of aerodynamic parts offered for the BMW M platform.BMW F82 M4 Marina Yas Morph Auto Design Fang Series 1 BMW F82 M4 Marina Yas Morph Auto Design Fang Series 1 BMW F82 M4 Marina Yas Morph Auto Design Fang Series 1 BMW F82 M4 Marina Yas Morph Auto Design Fang Series 1

 BMW F82 M4 Fang Type Series 1

BMW F82 M4 Marina Yas Morph Auto Design Fang Series 2 BMW F82 M4 Marina Yas Morph Auto Design Fang Series 2

BMW F82 M4 Fang Type Series 2

BMW F82 M4 Marina Yas Morph Auto Design Fang Series 2

As mentioned earlier, they also have a program for the Lamborghini Huracan and the Porsche Macan. The Huracan program is known as the Hydra, and similarly to the F80/F82 Fang series, it features a very aggressive lip kit set with sharp and jagged lines that add on the the Huracan’s already sharp and edgy demeanor. The Porsche Macan kit, otherwise known as the Icarus, is must a little different from the Huracan and F80/F82 kits. It is a lot more subtle, and the parts create a more noble appearance for the Macan. The diffuser and wing for the kit helps improve its already subtle styling and creates a harmonic unison of elegant and beautiful design.

Lamborghini Huracan Morph Auto Design Hydra Lamborghini Huracan Morph Auto Design Hydra Lamborghini Huracan Morph Auto Design Hydra

Lamborghini Huracan “Hydra” Aero Kit

Porsche Macan Morph Auto Designs Icarus Porsche Macan Morph Auto Designs Icarus

Porsche Macan “Icarus” Kit

MAD is really taking the aerodynamic industry to new levels with their creative and unique product line. They are pushing the boundaries of what was considered the standard within the tuning scene. They are still a fairly new company, so as they continue to manufacture more parts for more applications, we expect to be surprised with more innovative creations and ideas. As of right now, the skies the limit for MAD, and we can only wait and see what they have up their sleeves.BMW F82 M4 Alpine White Morph Auto Design Fang Series 2