Brian Bohnne wanted to do something to give his Subaru BRZ‘s behind a little bit more flair than it comes with stock. Brian reached out to the Mod Experts at ModBargains for a set of Valenti Tail Lights for BRZ and a Valenti Rear Bumper Light for BRZ to give the back end a classy, modern aesthetic.


“Everyone at ModBargains was super helpful and willing to help me in any way I needed with my Valenti tail lights.” Brian tells us, ordering his tail lights was easy and simple to understand from start to finish.

“Install couldn’t have been more straight forward using the install instructions on ModBargains website.” 


“I love the Valenti Tail Light/Valenti Bumper light combo even more now that I have it on my car.” Brian tells us, clearly pleased with the end result. In addition to the Valenti LED Tail Lights for FR-S/BRZ, we also spy some LED license Plate Lights for FR-S/BRZ.


The Valentis are an excellent complement to the fancier projector headlamps of the BRZ (as opposed to the FR-S).

brian-bohnne-frs-valenti-center-img-004 A Carbon Fiber TS-Style hood for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ by Seibon Carbon also gives the car some extra underhood cooling and the carbon fiber look adds an aggressive touch.
brian-bohnne-frs-valenti-center-img-001Brian put together this before/after shot of his Valenti Rear Bumper Light on his BRZ, and gives the car some much needed flair at the tail, giving it some pop where the dud OEM bumper light sits, taking up space in the dark. Follow Brian’s latest exploits on instagram @1whitebrz – Thanks to Brian for sharing his experience with his Valenti Tail Lights and Valenti Bumper Light for FR-S/BRZ from ModBargains.

We hope this will help you decide on your next set of tails. Thanks for reading!

Story by Nicholas Gregson