It’s not everyday you see a Unicorn. FD Mazda RX-7s are rare to begin with, even rarer in running order, and harder to find around town than a Pagani Huayra – and even moreso with its original 13BREW engine under the hood. In addition, it’s got a wide body – particularly a replica “FEED” Wide body kit along with Shine Auto side skirts and rear diffuser. Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-6 This FD is just such a car, and our resident Dorito enthusiast and Mazda-phile Jaybee managed to grab these photos of this very rare JDM supercar. At ModBargains, our customers span virtually every make and model of performance car, and sometimes that includes 90’s era JDM Supercars like this beauty. As a shop competent to work on such a car without ruining it, we see builds like this more often than you’d think. Built on the bleeding edge of Japanese technology at the height of their bubble economy like that Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 we featured a while back, it represented the best that we could do at the time.Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-9 More than 20 years after its introduction, the FD Mazda RX-7’s iconic body has aged well and manages to look modern, even equipped with 80’s holdover pop up headlamps (pop ups are effing rad). It doesn’t matter who you are or what your personal preferences are, you’re gonna love the way this car looks. We guarantee it.

Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-42The exhaust is so of-the-era JDM tuner, it’s hard not to love this thing.


The car was originally red, but now a custom coat of pearl/gold white. What a way to stand out and be unique!


Opening the hood is kind of like taking a bite into a red velvet cupcake, and what’s inside is just as tasty. You look at it and can’t help but drool over the engineering that is the 13B REW Rotary Engine. It’s magnificent.


Looking at the engine bay, the first thing we notice is the full single-turbo conversioned, large street ported 13B REW Rotary engine with a custom V-Mount Intercooler that makes just approximately 460 horsepower to the wheels and around 350 lbs/ft of torque at 17 psi boost. Damn.



The interior is even nicer than under the hood. Kept in very AMAZING condition, the interior is just so pertty to look at. The dash isn’t cracked, the panels are all smooth, and even the leather seats are still intact and looking sexy. It’s a real gem of an interior for a car that’s 20+ years old.


The cabin plays out like a 90’s tuner magazine’s wet dream, with the finest JDM everything. There’s just something inherently Japanese about this interior. Just looking at it, you see the cockpit is more driver-focused and the gauges and clusters aren’t all tech’d out like 90% of today’s generation of vehicles. For some people, the extra tech and modern gadgets are just unnecessary bells & whistles.


The interior looks even better than that VR4’s did, and this car’s several years older. I often wonder how people manage to maintain leather for this long.


The overall aesthetic is even sleeker than the original, as if this is the way the car is really supposed to look.

Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-15 Check out the fitment. It takes a fine eye to really appreciate all the details, enjoy them for yourself in the rest of the gallery below. This FD RX-7 is running 18×11 +16 ALL-AROUND Enkei RS05RR Wheels wrapped in 285/30/18 Federal R-Comp 595 RSR tires.

Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-18 Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-19 Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-20 The tail lights have been upgraded to Car Shop Glow LEDs, which look surprisingly good – the factory tails were some of the most beautiful ever designed, so the bar was set quite high.

Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-23 Look at that stance. Just a tiny bit of camber, no stretched tires here, plenty of meat sufficient to flick this thing around on the backroads of Angeles Crest.Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-24 Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-28 Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-29 Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-45 Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-46 Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-47 Mazda_FD_RX-7_Turbo_Widebody-48

We hope you enjoyed the photos, and we’ll see you next time!


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Thanks for reading, see you next time!


Story Nick Gregson & Jaybee Valledor

Photo Editing Nick Gregson
Photos by Jaybee Valledor



Full Sing Turbo Conversion with RX-Parts Apex Seals

Large Street Port

Borgwarner S360 Turbo

Custom V-Mount

SPEC Clutch

Full Single Turbo Harness Re-Wire

Apexi Power FC

SakeBombGarage AEM Ignition Coils

Tial 44mm MVR Wastegate

Synapse Synchronic BOV

550cc Primary & 1600cc Secondary Injectors

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

Custom Twin oil Coolers

Nippodenso (Supra TT) Fuel Pump

AEM Water/Meth Injection Kit

Battery Relocation to Storage Bin

Full 3″ Custom Exhaust with A-Spec Blastpipes


Enkei RSR05RR – 18×11 +16 (All ARound)

Stance GR+ Coilovers


Shine Auto Wide Body (Feed style)

Shine Auto Side Skirts (Feed Style)

Shine Auto Rear Diffuser (Feed Style)

Car Shop Glow LED Taillights

Car Shop Glow Duck Bill Wing

OEM ’99 Spec Front Bumper

Custom Pearl/Gold White Plastidip

*All work done by Ranj Jaaf at Empire Garage*