Yesterday, our friends from Racer’s Edge Tuning dropped by with their Twin Turbo Mustang to get this stallion fitted with some new horseshoes- namely some sticky new Falken 615 tires, wrapped around a set of polished Ford Racing FR500 wheels. Beefy 255/40/18s up front and went as wide as the deck of an Aircraft carrier out back with 295/40/18 rears to handle the massive power this pony’s putting down. Boasting 757hp/687tq on pump gas, this beastly Ford puts down a positively devestating 905hp/745tq on 109 octane race fuel. All that power comes from an RET-built twin turbocharged V8 engine specially built for breaking the 200mph mark at the Mojave Mile, and with the absurd tsunami of power this Pony’s packing underhood, it’s entirely possible. Check out the videos of the car’s twin turbo setup in action as well as our photos of the new meats installed on the car below.

Performance Specs:

91 octane was 757HP/687TQ @ 16PSI
109 octane was 905HP/745TQ @ 22PSI

Red Mustang GT Beast Blood Red Mustang GT Red Mustang GT Red Mustang GT Wheel Side Front Red Mustang GT Side Back Red Mustang GT Back Lights Bumper Red Mustang GT


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