Sr Mod Expert Elliott has been working with Rodny A from Alabama, helping him choose his new set of wheels for BMW E90. recently to put a set of lovely new VMR V710 Wheels in Gloss Gunmetal on Rodny’s BMW E90 Sedan. The snow white colour leaves the car feeling a bit like a blank canvas, and just a few details were all it took to give the car the contrast it needed.


Up front the car already boasts a few minor details that give it a unique look – a set of red RPI Intake Scoops for E90 helps keep cool air channeled to the intake, nestled in behind a set of Gloss Black Kidney Grilles.  Finishing off the look is a Carbon Fiber V-Style Front Lip for BMW E90, adding a hint of aggression to the look created by the M3 Style front bumper.


Peeking through the grass, you can almost hear the narrator saying, “Here we have the BMW E Ninety in its natural Habitat… Watch as it slinks through the grasses in search of a wild Honda Civic to feast upon.” 


Back to more urban surroundings the car looks equally at home, but its appearance is much more subdued against the expanses of urban cityscape.


 Wheel Fitment Specs:

18×8.5 et.35 
18×9.5 et.22
Tires: Bridgestone S-04 Pole Position

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Story by Nicholas Gregson in collaboration with Senior Modification Expert Elliott