This saturday, this handsome BMW E93 M3 Cabrio popped by the shop to be fitted with a new set of shoes. Black with black hardtop and black interior, can you guess what color the wheels were? The new footwear for this E93 M3 Cabrio is a set of HRE FF01 Wheels for BMW, finished in Tarmac, creating the perfect triple-black aesthetic. When it comes to wheels, the fitment and offset is critical, especially for a BMW, where your fitment changes dramatically depending on whether it’s a 3-series, M3, xi and so on – fortunately the Mod Experts – our ‘wheel wizards’ as it were – know the offsets for late model BMWs better than the back of their hands.

black-bmw-e93-on-black-hre-ff01-wheels-img001 black-bmw-e93-on-black-hre-ff01-wheels-img002

These HRE Performance Wheels were spec’d out at 19×9 ET25 up front and 19×10.5 ET26 in the rear for the HRE FF01 Wheels, and as anyone who’s ever lost a drag race due to spinning the tires will tell you, power’s nothing without grip – and the sticky stuff comes in the form of Michelin Pilot Super Sports, 255/35-19 on the front and 295/30-19 in the rear to keep the rear end planted when that ///M-Power V8 screams towards redline.

2011 BMW E93 M3

HRE FF01 Flow Form Wheels for BMW in 19 Inch
Front Size:19×9 et25
Rear Size:19×10.5 et26

Finish:Tarmac (FB)

Michelin Super Sport Tires

black-bmw-e93-on-black-hre-ff01-wheels-img005 black-bmw-e93-on-black-hre-ff01-wheels-img006

The concavity of the FF01 is a great complement for the offsets the M3’s wider fenders allow, and the tarmac finish ties into the black paint black-bmw-e93-on-black-hre-ff01-wheels-img008 black-bmw-e93-on-black-hre-ff01-wheels-img009 black-bmw-e93-on-black-hre-ff01-wheels-img010 black-bmw-e93-on-black-hre-ff01-wheels-img011
Despite the pouring rain this saturday on a black car, the photos came out pretty well and we’re happy we could share them with you guys.

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Thanks for reading!

Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson