Dan P has been a customer of Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei for quite some time, first with his B8 Audi A5, and after upgrading to a C7 Audi S7, Dan hit Alan up again to make his S7 stand out from the crowd. Alan had some great ideas in mind, from wheels for Audi S7 to the Audi S7 Exhaust, our Mod Expert knew just what to recommend.

Audi_C7_S7_HRE_FF01_Tarmac_AWE_Tuning_Exhaust_HR_SwayBars-2We got started by pulling the stock exhaust system.


To give the Audi S7’s 4.0TFSI a bit more bark and a lot more attitude, Alan set Dan up with an exhaust system from AWE Tuning.


The AWE Tuning Touring Exhaust for C7 Audi S7 comes complete with connecting pipes, which is part of why this system is good for a whopping 27HP / 31tq max gain.


With Dual 180* technology rear mufflers and a central resonator, the AWE Tuning Touring Exhaust for C7 Audi S7 offers both that raucous war-cry wail you want out of your 4.0 TFSI, but settles down to a civil tone once you let off the throttle, making this one of the best exhausts to live with for the Audi S7.

Here’s another view – from this angle we can also see the H&R Sway Bars for Audi S7 that have been installed as well as the new AWE Tuning Exhaust.


Dan opted to go with the 102mm Diamond Black tips on his S7, which compliments the car’s finish beautifully.Audi_C7_S7_HRE_FF01_Tarmac_AWE_Tuning_Exhaust_HR_SwayBars-13The quad 102mm Diamond Black tips fill out the rear valance beautifully.


The S7 was off to a good start, but the factory wheels were still a bit bland.


Back into the air the car went.



Alan recommended a set of HRE Flow Form Wheels for the Audi S7. To be specific, Alan recommended a set of Tarmac Black HRE FF01s for Audi in a 20×10.5 square fitment.


The first FF01 gets the Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires mounted, and here we can see our install techs balancing the wheel on our Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Balancer. Road Force Balancing places the tire under load as it’s balanced, creating a tire that’s more balanced with the weight of the car sitting on them. These cutting edge machines aren’t available everywhere, only a select few tire installers have such equipment.


We mounted the new wheels and then pulled the S7 out into the sun to appreciate our hard work.


HRE FF01 Tarmac  20×10.5 ET35 / Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/35-20

Riding on Tarmac Black FF01s, the S7 looks more imposing than ever. While with most cars we’d need to drop it after installing a new set of wheels, the air suspension that comes factory on the S7 makes that not really necessary.


HRE FF01 Tarmac  20×10.5 ET35 / Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/35-20

After setting the car’s airbags nice and low, the S7 looks especially sleek on the FF01s, and the diamond black 102mm tips peeking out of the rear valance tie the whole triple-black aesthetic together.
Audi_C7_S7_HRE_FF01_Tarmac_AWE_Tuning_Exhaust_HR_SwayBars-43We also added the small detail of a carbon fiber lip spoiler, which gives the trunk lid a subtle turn-up to give it a little extra touch.

Audi_C7_S7_HRE_FF01_Tarmac_AWE_Tuning_Exhaust_HR_SwayBars-35HRE FF01 Tarmac  20×10.5 ET35 / Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/35-20

The fitment of the FF01s in 20×10.5 fills out the wheel arches beautifully, and the FF01 seems the perfect fit for a sporting super sedancoupe like the S7.

HRE FF01 Tarmac  20×10.5 ET35 / Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/35-20

We’re huge fans of how this S7 came out, and both Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei and Dan seem just as pleased as we are. We hope you enjoyed the photos – thanks for joining us once again.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson