When many enthusiasts take home their new performance car, often we find ourselves bummed out by quantities of wheelgap sufficient for a 4×4. Travis, a member of the SoCal Fiesta ST community, wanted to give his Oxford White Fiesta ST a nice drop but didn’t want to make the car unlivable. When many enthusiasts who daily drive their vehicles consider lowering springs, ride quality is an important consideration – just as important as how much they cost and how hard the install is.

Finding a lowering spring that’s a good compromise of all these things is really hard, and after a little research, Travis settled on a spring manufacturer that’s been at it since the turn of the century – Vogtland Springs out of Germany. While the name Vogtland isn’t as well known other Lowering Spring manufacturers have in the US Market, there’s a reason they’ve been around for a century – their high quality springs are an excellent product and definitely worth your time to consider.

Here’s what makes Vogtland Sport Springs such an enticing option for the Daily-Driver enthusiast who needs to keep the car riding comfortably to keep our passengers happy: Significant Drop from a quality Spring Manufacturer, Improved Handling and a spring rate calibrated to stay comfortable when cruising around town but stiffens up when you throw the car into a corner aggressively. All those factors added up in Travis’ book, so he placed an order and a few days later a set of Vogtland Sport Springs for Ford Fiesta ST were at his doorstep.



Travis, being capable of turning a wrench himself, opted to handle the installation in his garage. Installation was straightforward and easily doable by the average enthusiast with hand tools, jackstands and a decent floor jack.

vogtland-fiesta-st-lowering-springs-travis-005 vogtland-fiesta-st-lowering-springs-travis-004

After fitting the car with the new springs, it was time for a shakedown run. A few blasts up and down one of SoCal’s innumerable backroads later, and the verdict was in.

I should preface this by stating this fact: STOCK, The Ford Fiesta ST has a pretty harsh ride. And when I say harsh, I mean harsher than some cars fitted with coilovers with stiffer firmness settings. Travis tells us that the springs actually handle quite well, the drop is what he wanted and the ride quality, unbelievably, is actually softer than stock, almost like the Ford Fiesta ST should have been fitted with Vogtland Fiesta ST Lowering Springs in the first place.

Check out the wheelgap comparisons before/after the drop on the front and rear wheels.





vogtland-fiesta-st-lowering-springs-travis-009 vogtland-fiesta-st-lowering-springs-travis-010
With the new Vogtland Sport Springs for Ford Fiesta ST installed, this marks the first of many future mods for Travis’ Fiesta ST.

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Story by Fiesta ST Enthusiast Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration with Travis Nafziger
Photos Travis Nafziger