3. HRE:

HRE is a company that is very well known in the enthusiast world. Their brand is synonymous with the very best in quality finishes and craftsmanship. When you run a set of HRE wheels it really shows people how much you value a rich heritage and fine workmanship. HRE’s current FlowForm lineup includes three outstanding designs that all work very well with the M3/M4 body lines, and if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious they also have a full lineup of forged wheels in both monoblock and 3-piece configurations. Additionally, every wheel has the option of choosing your own custom finish from a wide variety of colors in both matte and gloss options. If you’d rather not wait the 3-4 weeks for custom coloring keep in mind that HRE keeps a huge variety of sizes and offsets available in Liquid Silver/Metal (Silver/Light Gunmetal) or Tarmac (Matte Black) from their FlowForm lineup, so you can usually get the right fitment for your vehicle relatively quickly. A lifetime structural warranty and a 2 year wheel finish warranty is included with every set of HRE wheels so you can be confident that they’ll keep your car turning heads for years to come.



The HRE FF01 is a classic European design that looks fantastic on the M3/M4. Its FlowForm construction and flawless finish make it a fantastic choice for show wheels that feel right at home on track days as well, although you do run the risk of tarnishing the finish on the wheels so you should always keep that in mind when you’re heading to the racetrack.




The FF04 is another FlowForm wheel with a gorgeous split five spoke design that looks phenomenal on the M3/M4. The wide spoke layout gives a very good view of the big M brakes and rotors. Our General Manager Alan actually has these wheels on his own M4 in HRE’s “IPA” finish and customers are constantly asking about them because they work so well on the car (see photos below).




If you want an exceptionally strong wheel with a multi-spoke design then you might want to consider the FF15. This wheel is a 15 spoke design with a shallow concave and FlowForm construction. Because of how many spokes it has this wheel is incredibly strong and durable while the FlowForm process keeps it lightweight. The design is reminiscent of classic BMW styling with modern sizing and construction.



HRE Forged Wheels Line

If you’re looking to stand out a bit more (and spend a lot more) you’ll definitely to want to consider HRE’s Forged Lineup. The wide variety of styles, colors, and configurations available give you the power to make your setup exactly how you want it. Because they are custom build based on your specific vehicle and your specific tastes you never have to worry about fitment issues, they’ll look fantastic. If you plan on going this route definitely make sure you are prepared to spend at least twice as much on a forged set as you would a set of the HRE FlowForm series. If you’re looking to order some HRE forged wheels give us a call at (714) 582-3330 or send us an email at Sales@ModBargains.com.


HRE Classic Series: 300


HRE 540 Series: 540


HRE P1 Series: P103


HRE P1 Series: P101


Vintage Series: 501M


2. Forgestar:

Here at Modbargains we love Forgestar, and it’s easy to see why. Forgestar brings the custom wheel buying experience into the realm of possibility for those who cannot reasonably justify buying fully forged wheels. For those who have never purchased forged wheels before, the process basically lets you specify every single aspect of your wheel order. This results in a set of wheels that is custom tailored to fit your car (no matter what widths and sizes you choose) in your choice of color configuration. What Forgestar does is give you all of the same customization options but they use Flow-Forming to manufacture their wheels, significantly reducing the cost and keeping similar strength and weight properties as a forged wheel.




The Forgestar F14 is one of the most popular wheels we carry, and for good reason. When people find out they can get fully custom flow-formed wheels for around the same price range as a cookie-cutter (predetermined offsets and colors) set of wheels they tend to get pretty excited. The design is a simple but elegant split 7 spoke layout that looks great on a huge amount of vehicles. You can order these wheels in any size from 17″ to 22″ with width options between 8.5″ and 13″. Face options range from Semi-Concave to Super Deep-Concave to compliment whatever look you are going for. Furthermore, you get 22 base color options to choose from so you don’t have to be limited by the common Silver or Black that you normally see on modified vehicles. If you want a completely custom color you can even request that, although it will bump up the price a bit. All Forgestar wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty to the original purchaser and a 1 year warranty against cosmetic and material defects.




The Forgestar CF5 is a classic thick 5 spoke design that is great for showing off big brake kits and giving a timeless performance look. You get all the same color customization options as the F14 does and most of the sizing options. 8.5″-11″ widths are available on Semi-Concave faces and 9.5″-12″ widths are available on Deep Concave faces. Diameters range from 18″-20″ sizes.




The CF5V is an absolutely gorgeous split 5 spoke design that is great for showing off big brakes and just overall looking super aggressive. Again you have all the same color customization options, although you are a tiny bit more limited when it comes to sizing in certain face styles. Semi-Concave faces are only available in 8.5″-9″ wide for 19s and 9″ wide for 20s. Deep Concave faces have far more options with both 19″ and 20″ wheels having width options from 9.5″ to 12″. Super Deep Concave currently is only available in 19″ with 9.5″-12″ widths so if you’re a big fan of 20s your best bet is the Deep Concave face (which is more than adequate concavity for most people).




The Forgestar M14 is different from all others we’ve discussed so far in that it is not a Monoblock wheel; it is from Forgestar’s Modular lineup which is a two-piece design. What you get is a Flow Formed inner barrel and face with a Forged Rolled outer barrel. Sizes available are 18″ diameter with 8″-14″ widths or 19″ diameter with 8″-12.5″ widths. This makes this wheel a perfect candidate for wide-body applications, or just any setup that calls for a super deep dish look with a huge lip. Along with these generous sizing options you also get to choose among Forgestar’s 22 color options (plus a polished option for the lip) for the face, barrel, and hardware. This means that in total you have about 11,000 different possible color combinations, so you are sure to be able to find a combination that works with your build.



1. BC Forged:

Finally we’ve arrived at the big one. BC Forged. We talked a bit about how we love Forgestar because they bring the custom wheel buying experience into a price range that is much more affordable than most custom forged wheels. Well, we love BC Forged because they bring forged wheels themselves into a much more reasonable price range. Unlike most forged wheel companies BC Forged manufactures every part of their wheels in house, keeping their costs down and thus saving customers big bucks. A fully forged set of BC Forged wheels will set you back on average $3000-$4000 depending on your size and width choices. This is ridiculously affordable when you consider that you can’t get much lighter or stronger than this even when spending far more. They can even do center lock machining if you have converted your car to use center locks for track purposes. Another thing we love about them is the sheer amount of options you get. BC Forged currently has 44 different monoblock wheels and 64 types of modular (2-piece) wheels, giving you over 100 various face shapes to choose from. Furthermore almost all of the modular options have the additional option of choosing between exposed and hidden hardware or choosing a stepped lip or flat lip, giving you roughly 150 different wheel styles to choose from right from the start. Once you get into it there are even more choices for the modular wheels before you even get to picking out colors. Speaking of colors, you get a very respectable amount of options. For monoblock you can choose from 23 different matte and gloss finishes. For the modular series you get the same 23 face color options, 24 lip color options (same as face colors plus a polished option) and 4 hardware color options. That is a respectable 2200 color combinations for each modular wheel design. Each wheel is then backed by BCs 3 year structural and 1 year finish warranty just to give you that little bit of extra peace of mind.

Because BC Forged has so many unique designs we’re just going to share a few examples we have of some great M3s and M4s looking amazing on BC Forged wheels. If you want to see what else they have to offer you can visit our BC Forged Wheels page to view their full catalog.


BC Forged HCA162S – Modular


BC Forged LE52 – Modular


BC Forged HCS02 – Modular


BC Forged MLE81 – Modular


BC Forged RS41 – Monoblock


BC Forged RS43 – Monoblock


BC Forged RZ05 – Monoblock


BC Forged RZ21 – Monoblock



No matter who you are we are confident that among these five companies one of them has the perfect wheel to match your specific needs. Whether your car is a show queen, a track monster, or anywhere in between there’s something here for everyone. If you’re a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start you should definitely hit up our team of Mod Experts. They can help you determine what wheels would be a good choice for you based on your budget, your needs, and the styling you want for your car. You can reach us at (714) 582-3330 or by email at Sales@ModBargains.com. We also have Live Chat available if you’d prefer, just look for the option at the bottom right of any of our pages.


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