So, you have purchased your parts and they are finally here. Now it’s time to get them installed into your car. You’re excited and want to get your mods put on and start enjoying them right away. Whenever you get your parts installed we want you to have a great install experience and offer some tips for making your installations an easy and smooth process.

1. If you are ordering parts from us or someone else make sure all your parts and hardware are in hand and accounted for before scheduling the installation. Nothing can be more frustrating than figuring out that you are missing parts or a harness kit that is required to complete your install. We recommend you double check the parts list in the box and what parts you have.

2. Be mindful that Saturdays are the busiest install day of the week and appointments fill up fast. A typical Saturday appointment is usually booked 2-3 weeks in advance.

3. We suggest getting your install done early in the morning mid week. This is usually the easiest and most available times open. Also your install will usually be done before noon and you will have the rest of the day to enjoy.

4. Plan your install ahead of time. I like to schedule an install at least 2 weeks out. I find that it give me more opportunity to be flexible with my schedule. Try not to wait till the last minute to schedule your installation. This will cause stress and you may not be able to get an appointment.

5. Arrive at your appointment early:
If you have a long drive to ModBargains, than most likely your vehicle will be very hot. The car will need time to cool down before the tech can install your engine or exhaust parts. Arriving early will also allow for any prep work that needs to be done so that your installation appointment can start on time and run smoothly.

6. For wheel installations make sure all lugs, Tire pressure sensors, spacers, and wheel locks are present and accounted for.

7. Try and avoid asking the tech any unnecessary questions while he is doing your install. It will slow his progress on your vehicle.

8. Sometimes setbacks happen, are unavoidable and can be very aggravating. I try and keep a positive attitude and learn something from the experience. Whether it be a part was missing from the kit from the manufacturer or something isn’t fitting right. There is always something that can be taken away from your experience and applied to your next mod purchase and install.

9. Got some work that needs to be done. Bring your laptop, tablet, or mobile device and work from our shop while your install is being done. We have Wifi available for our customer to use while you relax in our waiting room.

10. Come and enjoy yourself. We have a Playseat driving simulator, 3 TVs for your enjoyment (44”, 55”,65”), a PS3, and Netflix. Work on your driving skills in the Playseat driving simulator. Bring a new movie or rent a movie and come watch it while you wait. You can even bring your favorite PS3 games to play.


Grab yourself a cup of coffee and relax in our new waiting room.