The engineers at HRE have done it again, and we’re proud to announce the newest additions to their FlowForm line, the FF10 and FF11! We at ModBargains are excited to be one of the first to offer these wheels, just as we were when the very first FlowForm wheels were announced. Joining the FF01, FF04, and FF15, these new FlowForm wheels bring fresh, exciting designs to the critically acclaimed flow forged line from HRE.

The FF10 brings a modern, complex mesh design to the FlowForm lineup, with a multi-level dimensional weave pattern that draws excitement with every glance. The FF11 features a fresh take on the classic 5-point star design, with deeper facets and aggressive cuts throughout the wheel, as well as spokes that contour with the wheel lips. For the FF veterans out there, you’re just as excited as us to see new designs on this iconic lineup. If you’re new to FlowForm wheels, you might be wondering: what makes these so special?

HRE Performance Wheels’ line of FlowForm wheels is manufactured utilizing a unique casting and forming process that creates a wheel with strength properties similar to those of a forged wheel.

The process begins with pouring molten aluminum into a mold face-side-down, where it is then rapidly cooled. By quickly cooling the metal down right after heating it up (sometimes referred to as quenching), the aluminum alloy becomes denser and thereby enhancing the elastic strength and durability of the wheel.

After the wheel face is formed (Fig A), it is pulled from the mold and placed into the flow-forming machine, (Fig B) which operates in a manner similar to a potters’ wheel. This process stretches the barrel downward, causing the metal to “flow” into the correct “form”, hence the name, and this process ultimately gives the wheel its final shape (Fig C). This “stretching” process changes the internal grain structure of the aluminum (much like the direction of the grain makes a difference in wood), making it stronger, lighter and more precise than a non-flow-formed barrel, resulting in forged aluminum-like strength.

Like any other HRE wheel, these are developed and manufactured in-house at HRE’s facility in Vista, California, meaning they are made in the United States and that you can expect the highest quality from start to finish. Speaking of finish, these are available in all of HRE’s FlowFlorm finish options. From Tarmac to Frozen iLectric, your wheel finish will look as good as the wheels do.

Speaking of other HRE wheels, the FF10 and FF11 will follow the same pricing structure as the other FlowForm wheels. A full set of HREs will cost you just $2250 at 19″, $2400 at 20″, and $2550 at 21″! A full set of lightweight, performance wheels for under $3000? Count us in!

What wheels would you put these on? We think HRE wheels look great on all makes, and have seen some amazing Audis, BMWs, and Teslas – even domestic makes like Ford and Chevy – that look amazing on FlowForm wheels.

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