We’ve taken a bit of a break, but now let’s get a look at the exotics of SoCal Euro 2015 in Part III of our multi-installment recap of the coolest cars of one of Cali’s biggest car shows.

SoCal_Euro_2015_Ferraris-2 We spotted this Ferrari 458 Italia chillin’ with some rather exotic company over at the Speed Society display, but these modern exotics weren’t the only Italians that came out for the show.

SoCal_Euro_2015_Lamborghinis-5SoCal_Euro_2015_Ferraris-3 SoCal_Euro_2015_Ferraris-4 This classic Ferrari Dino was a standout headturner, even parked next to a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.SoCal_Euro_2015_Ferraris-5 This last-generation Ferrari 512TR parked in the back managed to garner plenty of attention – modern Ferraris will come and go, but a Testarossa will always be a neckbreaker.SoCal_Euro_2015_Aston_Martins-1 There were several Aston Martins on display as well. Did you know that in addition to BMW, Audi and Porsche goodies, we also offer parts for exotics like Aston Martin and Ferrari?

SoCal_Euro_2015_Aston_Martins-5 Hands down, though, we love the look of an Aston Martin on a set of HRE Performance Wheels.SoCal_Euro_2015_Lamborghinis-1HRE Performance Wheels had quite the show of force with its Raging Bull display cars rocking a heartbreakingly beautiful set of modular mesh wheels.SoCal_Euro_2015_Lamborghinis-3It’s not like there was any shortage of horsepower, as there were quite a few Lamborghinis scattered about the show.
SoCal_Euro_2015_Lamborghinis-11 The wrap on this one was pretty cool, representing the Navy Seal foundation, the “rivets” drive home the “NAVY” theme.SoCal_Euro_2015_Lamborghinis-12On the other hand, this Lamborghini looked like something fresh out of ALMS.

That sums it up for the unique exotics of SoCal Euro, we’ll be back again with the rest of our SoCal Euro 2015 coverage. After all, we have a whole year til the next. Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson