SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-1 SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association convention out in Las Vegas may not be familiar to everyone out there, but the builds seen at and created specifically for your show have likely blown up your instagram and RSS feeds for years. SEMA 2015 was no different, and so we thought we’d share what our experience was at the largest show in the automotive aftermarket.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-2Ford made a big showing as always – this S550 Mustang looked stunning with fat widebody fenders.
SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-3 Ford Performance Parts, as always, were a big theme – it’s worth noting that Ford has gotten increasingly tuner-friendly since having moved into their “EcoBoost” line of turbo engines.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-4 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-5ADV.1 Wheels gave this bicycle-rack wearing Fiesta ST a set of bespoke multipiece modular wheels to break hearts and necks alike, and the unique color really gives the car a look all its own.

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-9 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-11 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-12 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-13One of the things that really stood out to us was this Nitrous Blue, 345hp AWD STI-fighter – the all new Focus RS. Since the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is dead once and for all and not coming back (I don’t see the Mirage saving Mitsubishi North America, do you? I think we can now safely start the countdown until when Mitsubishis are no longer sold new in the USA) – the Subaru WRX STi was very much in need of some competition.
SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-17 Wearing a set of 19×8.5 Fifteen52 Tarmac wheels on all four corners, this RS is quite the looker.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-18 The more aggressive rear diffuser and split dual exhaust tips really set the car apart from the standard ST’s center-exit exhaust.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-19

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-22The Focus RS wasn’t the most impressive thing in the booth however, that belonged to the LeMans-ready Ford GT racecar powered by the new Twin Turbo V6 EcoBoost engine.

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-42One of the other stunners of the show was the showcasing of not just one but a whole fleet of RWB custom Widebody Porsches over at the Forgestar/iForged Wheels booth this year.
SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-29 Here’s our co-founders Mike and Ron with Nakai-san, mastermind behind the Rauh-Welt Begriff phenomenon.


And here’s our guys with our friends over at iForged and Forgestar, one of whom owns one of these RWB Porsches.

We got a better look at some of these incredible Porsches a few weeks later at the Purist WinterDrive 2015.


We saw lots of friendly and familiar faces as we walked the show – since SEMA brings in vendors from all over the country, SEMA gives us the rare opportunity to meet many of the people we talk to over the phone and email in person.

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-31 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-32Here’s the guys with our friends at Fifteen52 – they’ll be bringing out a new line of wheels, the Formula TR, in 17in fitments this spring.


Here’s another look at the Focus RS wearing Tarmac wheels.

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-6 The D-Sport Fiesta ST had some interesting features as well, including the fifteen52 Carbon Fiber Front Splitter to compliment that funky headlight-mounted intake.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-7Keeping the JDM racer look going, the factory wing mirrors have also been replaced with a set of compact racing mirrors.


From the side profile, we get a better look at the Fifteen52 Carbon Fiber Side Skirts and Mountune Spoiler Extensions for Fiesta ST. Check out the Volk TE37s. Unfortunately for everyone else with a Fiesta ST, you can’t have Volks like these¬†because the car was sadly converted to 4x100mm with the big brake conversion it received and nobody makes 4x108mm wheels. I guess they stayed 4-lug, but it’s a huge disappointment to any Fiesta ST shopping for wheels and not helpful considering how limited the Fiesta ST’s wheel market is, because nobody makes 4x108mm.


Our friends at Remus Exhaust had some great new exhaust systems to show us this year, and put on a race down at K1 Speed for all the distributors – you can ask Mike and Ron all about “who won”, we can’t tell the story like they can.


Here’s a few shots from some of our other friends we visited at the show.

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-34 Rohana Wheels brought out this selection of wheels and these lovely ladies to showcase this year’s newest offerings.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-35 The guys over at Turbosmart are still churning out some of the best products for boost management on the market, and we’re lucky to have these guys around doing all the R&D necessary to give us the bolt on options our customers need.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-36 Though we’re just a couple blocks apart back home, of course we had to visit R1 Concepts with their new line of Black Series brake rotors for 2016.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-37 These guys you might not recognize but you’ve likely seen their work – Diode Dynamics are turning the lighting game on its head, by not just innovating with great products but also figuring out a way to build the brightest, most reliable LED upgrades on the market, and ALL manufactured right here in the USA – which is unheard of.
SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-39Here’s the guys with our friends at AutoTecknic…

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-23 Whiteline Suspension changed their logo this year, the Australian firm is still going hard on the suspension game.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-24 Speaking of suspension, you can’t hardly talk about Springs without mentioning Eibach…SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-25

This year has been a great year working with our friends at Vogtland, who have been really making a name of themselves and expanding their brand awareness this year.

Vogtland_SEMA_2015-Booth Vogtland brought out this widebody S550 Ford Mustang lowered with Vogtland Suspension.
S550_Ford_Mustang_Vogtland_Springsa That’s a lot of flare.

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-26 Our friends at AirRex were here as well with a slammed-to-the-floor custom orange Toyota Prius flown in all the way from Hawaii just for the show.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-27 KW Suspension was out in force as well.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-28

Of course, beyond seeing friends, the biggest thing about SEMA is the cars.

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-40 Like this E89 BMW Z4 GT Roadster. Its hardly recognizable as a Z4 anymore.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-41

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-71 Over at BC Racing, they boasted a diverse spread of performance cars to showcase their diverse range of coilover options and Forged Wheels.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-72

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-65 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-66 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-67 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-68 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-69 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-70

Widebody was definitely this year’s theme – as you can see by the new offerings from our friends at DTM Fiber Werkz.
SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-43 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-44


SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-76 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-77


SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-85 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-86 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-87 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-88

We really liked DTM Fiber Werkz’ E46 BMW M3.

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-48 This gorgeous DeTomaso Pantera was on display at the Magnaflow booth rocking a set of FOOSE Wheels and a Magnaflow exhaust.SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-49 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-50
SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-55 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-56 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-53

This amazing display was done by none other than OEM BMW Performance, showcasing the full range of factory go-fast goodies that are available right out of the box for your BMW F30.

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-51 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-52

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-57 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-58 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-59 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-60 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-61 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-62 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-63 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-64

SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-89 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-90 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-91 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-92 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-93 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-94 SEMA_2015_ModBargains_ModAuto-95BMW, as always, brought a massive spread of parts and accessories to ogle.


That wraps it up for our SEMA 2015 Coverage. We hope you enjoyed the photos.

Of course, you’ll be able to order many of the parts you saw on display at SEMA 2015 this spring 2016, right here at ModBargains. Call us at 714-582-3330 today to speak to a Mod Expert or chat live at for more information.
Story & Photo Editing Nick Gregson