Last week we had Matt D. bring in his Alpine White M2 in for an alignment and it looked so good we had to get a few pictures of it to share with you all.

The first thing you’ll undoubtedly notice about this M2 it’s a bit wider than usual. A few weeks ago this M2 made a visit to PSM Dynamic and got a complete makeover with their M2 widebody kit.

The kit drastically widens both the front and rear fenders of the M2 as well as adding carbon fiber accent pieces along the whole body. The pieces that are very apparently part of the kit are the flared fenders, the carbon fiber front winglets, carbon fiber side skirts, carbon fiber rear diffuser, carbon fiber trunk spoiler, and a carbon fiber front lip (not pictured, we assume due to scraping issues).

Other small accent pieces on the car include some carbon fiber kidney grilles and carbon fiber fender vents, although we can’t be sure if those are included in the widebody kit.

To give it that signature racecar sound Matt went with a Dinan Free Flow exhaust with Black Tips. He’s also repping the Dinan name across the whole rear bumper so people know he values quality and performance.

For suspension Matt went all out, opting for a set of 3-way adjustable KW Clubsport coilovers and KW adjustable lower control arms to give him the best stability and suspension geometry possible. The KW Clubsports are KW’s top-of-the-line coilover, allowing the user to independently high speed compression, low speed compression, and rebound dampening. They give you the power to completely tune your ride to be what you want it and are the ultimate tool for the racing enthusiast.

The whole car is riding on a set of beautiful black BBS LM wheels with a deep dish stepped lip. On the LMs he’s running some massive Toyo Proxes R888R tires, which are a DOT competition tire for maximum grip and acceleration on the track, meaning this car is as functional as it is gorgeous.

Overall this car is a beautiful specimen whether it’s going to be used on the track or going to be a show queen. If you have an M2 (or any other car for that matter) that you’re thinking about modding be sure to contact our Mod Expert Sean who helped Matt get his appointment set up. He can be reached at or call 714-582-3330 x8009. Also be sure to follow Matt on Instagram @m2_ghost for more pics of his car.