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BMW E92 M3 in Matte Red on HRE FF01 Wheels in Tarmac Finish

We started last week with the Porsches, now let’s get a look at the BMWs of SoCal Euro 2015 in Part II of our multi-installment recap of the coolest cars of one of Cali’s biggest car shows. ModBargains had quite the setup this year – check out what we had on display.

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F82 BMW M4 on Forgestar F14 19×10 ET20 Super Deep Concave Wheels with Remus Exhaust with CF 89mm Street Race Tips + CF Diffuser

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-192F82 BMW M4 on Forgestar F14 19×10 ET20 Super Deep Concave Wheels with Remus Exhaust with CF 89mm Street Race Tips + CF Diffuser

SoCal_Euro_2015_ ModBargains_booth-16

Here’s the wider view of the two ///M cars we had on display.


One of the sicker cars that wasn’t on display was this E93 BMW M3, now widebodied and on some massive HRE Performance Wheels, but still rockin’ a ModAuto decal.



Across the way, we spotted this slick looking F22 BMW M235i wearing a host of Carbon Fiber exterior upgrades for F22 2-series. These Performance Design Unlimited cars were also sitting low on rolloface coilovers for F22 2-Series.


Here’s a closeup of the CF bits they brought out for the 2.

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-2We really liked the black and white F22 M235i on the left. Let’s take a closer look at that, shall we?
SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-5 Rolling on a set of HRE FF15 Tarmac Wheels for F22, the multispoke flow form wheels from HRE look fantastic, especially given the car’s clean appearance dropped on KW Coilovers, painted front splitter and painted front reflectors.SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-6 Under the hood, we spotted a BMS Intake for BMW N55 engines – these awesome roto molded, high flow intakes are engineered for great flow, but unfortunately, can’t be sold here in California as they’re not legal for street use.
SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-8 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-173 We spotted the 2 again later coming back from a pass down the dragstrip – this photo does illustrate one of the caveats of black wheels though, even with gorgeous wheels like HREs, they can disappear in shadows if they’re too dark, which is why you may not want to rule out other colors when shopping for your next set of wheels.

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-66 As we strolled around, we couldn’t help but notice this handsome blue BMW 2-Series with different Carbon Fiber accessories than we’d seen previously. With blacked out reflectors and Gloss Black Kidney grilles, this F22 really nailed the black and blue look. SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-68 Clearly serious about handling performance, this F22 is rolling on Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires and Hotchkis Suspension.SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-70 Here’s a closer look at the aggressive Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser and Carbon Fiber Side Skirt extensions. From this angle, we can actually see the “flame surfacing” detailing that Chris Bangle started all those years ago.SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-71

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-9 As we strolled around the show, we also spotted our friends at Solo-Werks, who had this very cool E46 BMW 325i Touring wagon lowered on Solo-Werks Coilovers for E46, this red on white combination is certainly a stunner.

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-147 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-148 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-149

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-106 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-107


Wagner Tuning had this handsome F80 M3 rocking a set of HRE Performance Wheels.

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-17 We have no idea what’s going on here, but a camouflage E39 Touring is cool enough on its own.


We spotted this F80 BMW M3 rocking a set of 19in Fifteen52 wheels.


The E46 M3 next to it was also quite the looker, also on fifteen52s.


Then we cruised over to Stance Wheels to scope out their F32 BMW 435i with M4 fenders and hood.

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-97 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-98 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-99 This F30 BMW 335i was rocking an ENLAES Carbon Fiber front splitter and rear diffuser.SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-100
SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-193 This random E60 BMW M5 was holdin it down on a set of Miro wheels.

There was so much to say that we can hardly touch on everything, but we’ll try to keep up – these were our best shots of the BMWs of SoCal Euro in motion.



SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-29 This E46 BMW M3 was rolling on a set of ENKEI RPF-1 wheels and had been fitted with a painted Carbon Fiber GT-R Style Hood for BMW E46, not to mention the black kidney grilles and CCFL Angel eyes.SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-30At the rear, this M3 boasts a Carbon Fiber CSL-Style trunk that’s been painted to leave just the lip exposed as carbon fiber.

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-55 This blue chrome F12 BMW M6 was certainly a neckbreaker. Blue seems to be a thing for M6s.SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-56 This BMW E46 M3 is another classic E46 build.SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-57 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-59



Widebody BMW E90.


SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-114 This guy looks familiar!SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-115 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-116 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-120 Have I mentioned that I really like Longroofs? This E91 BMW 328i touring really nails the eurowagon look with a paintmatched aero roof rack.SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-122The side profile of the E91 is surprisingly good looking.
SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-123 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-127 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-128 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-132 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-133

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-78 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-80 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-86 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-87 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-88 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-89


Of course, no car can stay moving the whole show – so here’s a selection of our favorite static BMWs from SoCal Euro 2015.








SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-32 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-34 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-39 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-40 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-43 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-44 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-45 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-46 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-49 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-51


SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-75 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-76 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-77SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-90 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-91 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-92 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-93 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-94 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-95 This E46 M3 Vert really killed the look.SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-96SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-108 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-110 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-111


SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-134 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-135 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-136 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-137 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-138 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-139 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-140 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-142 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-143 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-145 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-146


SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-154 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-157 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-159 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-160 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-161O HAI! I’M BOOSTED!!!!!
SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-163Mmmmmmmmmm…. turbo straight six…. *droool*
SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-181 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-187 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-189 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-190

SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-195 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-196 SoCal_Euro_2015_BMWs-198

That about wraps it up – with 3,000+ cars in attendance, there’s no way we could capture all of it, or walk every aisle, but we did our best to bring you the most interesting Bimmers.
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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson