To most people, a car is simply an appliance. An appliance that is used to get one from point A to point B and one that bears about as much emotional connection as the dishwasher or refrigerator you have in your own kitchen. It’s the reason why cars like the Toyota Camry sell so well in the United States. However, for us automotive motoring enthusiasts, a car is so much more than just a CNC’d block of aluminum on wheels. We strive to make the most of our daily drives, to create a machine that appeals directly to our five senses.

The B8 chassis cars are a a gem with nearly limitless potential.

The B8 chassis cars are gems with nearly limitless potential.

Since its debut, the B8/B8.5 Audi S4 has developed a reputation among this enthusiast world as one of the best platforms to work on in the sport saloon class. By offering crisp handling through a world-renown Quattro All-Wheel- Drive system, in car with an elegant and understated design inside and out, it’s no wonder that critics and fans alike have raved about the whole package.


The 3.0 litre supercharged V6 has also been one of Audi’s most reliable motors in recent history, and whether it’s mated to the traditional 6 speed gearbox or the S-Tronic DSG transmission, the car’s linear responsiveness and effortless acceleration have become staples of this generation.


Unfortunately, as with everything in life, there is still much room for improvement when it comes to several aspects of this particular model. The exhaust, namely, is one of those areas. The OEM Exhaust on the Audi S4 is rather subdued for a car of its nature and even at full throttle can seem restrained to most enthusiast ears.


Furthermore, the OEM Exhaust is rather heavy and restricts full power potential in addition to the design of the tail pipes being a bit small and not fully taking advantage of the quad exits that could make the car’s rear look exponentially more aggressive. Luckily numerous aftermarket exhaust options exist for this car; however the caveat to the plethora of exhaust options available is that finding the right one for your in a sea of options may seem daunting and confusing. That’s why the Mod Experts here at ModBargains have put together this guide to help sort them out and help find the best fit that’s right for you.

The small, stock exhaust simply does nothing for the aesthetics in a car of this calibre.

The small, stock exhaust simply does nothing for the aesthetics in a car of this calibre.

In the next few sections, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the exhaust options available for the B8 Audi S4 so that you can have a better idea of what each system has to offer, allowing you to make a more informed decision. Of course, this is by no means a totally comprehensive list- should you be looking for an exhaust system not mentioned here, we invite you to ask our team of Mod Experts, as we can likely get that part for you.

1. AWE Tuning

AWE exhaust installed on our customer's B8.5 S4.

AWE exhaust installed on our customer’s B8.5 S4.

Since the company launched, AWE Tuning has built a reputation for high-quality aftermarket exhaust systems catered towards European vehicles, and specifically VAG products in particular (which includes Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, and so on). With an unrelenting attention to detail, and countless hours of R&D spent on each specialised car, it is no wonder that the AWE Tuning Exhaust is one of our top recommendations to anyone looking to add more grunt to their B8/B8.5 S4. Whether you want a system that is perfect for daily driving street use, or one that will make your car sound like a racecar, both the Touring and Track Editions offer a wide range of customisation options to get the tone just right.


Take a listen to the videos here and you can see that an exhaust makes a world of difference.

Here is one more detailing all the wonderful acoustical joys that came with the Touring Exhaust set up that we installed here at ModAuto.


No matter which set up you go with from AWE, whether it’s the track or touring, the 90mm or 102mm tip options, and so much more, you simply can’t go wrong with these systems. Our Modification Experts, as always, are available to get you paired up with the one that fits your needs the best.


Remus Innovation is another company who has built a positive reputation amongst the European car tuning community. Well-known for their offerings on BMWs, their offerings for the B8/B8.5 Audi S4 are nothing less than stellar as well. This Remus system is TUV approved and the Quad 84mm Angled Chromed Tips are sure to spruce up the looks of the car while giving a deeper, throatier tone.

This REMUS exhaust we did for a client here at ModAuto looks and sounds fantastic! With the polished tips complementing the beautiful Sprint Blue colour.

This REMUS exhaust we did for a client here at ModAuto looks and sounds fantastic! With the polished tips perfectly complementing the beautiful Sprint Blue colour.

There is no questioning the fact that the quad slash cut tips make the rear end of the car look sharp, especially with the Sepang Blue – as it is, that’s how Audi should have always delivered the car.

With an authoritative growl, the Remus Exhaust for Audi S4 is a great option for those who want growl and a little extra power without taking away from its streetability.

audi-b8-s4-milltek-exhaust-black-oval-tips3Another great option for your B8 S4 Exhaust is available from Milltek Sport. Much in the same vein as the Remus exhaust we just mentioned but with a slightly more aggressive character, Milltek Sport offers a happy medium that may just be the “goldilocks” exhaust for many people.
audi-b8-s4-yellow-milltek-exhaust-oval-img003 Available with large diameter oval tips (polished or matte black) or quad tips, this exhaust system looks great on almost any S4.milltek-exhuast-audi-b8-s4-img002 Like AWE, Milltek also offers their Cat-Back Exhaust for B8 Audi S4 in resonated and non-resonated forms, and Milltek updated the system as the Milltek Cat Back Exhaust for B8.5 Audi S4 is also available.

Audi_B8_S4_STASIS_exh_Avant_Garde_M590 (2)

Avant Garde M590 Dolphin Gray 19×9.5 / 19×9.5 on ST Coilovers STaSIS Exhaust for B8 Audi S4

STaSIS Engineering used to be one of the most popular exhaust options on the market, however, since STaSIS is out of business, this system is all but extinct – however we still have one or two examples here that await the right person.

If you have questions about modifying any aspect of your B8 or B8.5 Audi S4, we invite you to consult our team of Modification Experts. Each member of our team owns and modifies their own personal vehicles and have years of firsthand experience building modified cars – give them a call at 714-582-3330, chat live at or just stop by the ModAuto showroom (which is also our install facility) in La Habra, CA on Lambert Rd at Harbor Blvd Monday thru Saturday, 8am – 5pm PST.

Audi_B8_S4_STASIS_exh_Avant_Garde_M590 (9)

Avant Garde M590 Dolphin Gray 19×9.5 / 19×9.5 on ST Coilovers STaSIS Exhaust for B8 Audi S4

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

Story by Kevin Lee in collaboration with Nick Gregson; All Original Photos Nick Gregson
Select Photos Courtesy Manufacturers