BMW 435i AWE Tuning Exhaust Side Profile Front Angle Mod Auto 2If you had ever thought that BMW cars can’t get any better, you’re definitely wrong. Once again, BMW has wow’d us with a new addition to the BMW lineup: the F32 BMW 435i. This turbocharged 6-cylinder beast not only packs a huge punch, but looks pretty amazing while doing so. With sleek and sexy styling, this brand new coupe design has 4 seats, a luxurious, comfortable interior, a standard 6-speed manual transmission (8-speed automatic available), and you might expect to hear that beautiful signature BMW sound… but the factory exhaust system is much too quiet, depriving you of the pleasure of fully enjoying your N55 turbo six’s sweet song. Now, you may be thinking, “Why would somebody modify a brand new BMW any way? Isn’t it already awesome as it i?”. Not exactly. The BMW 435i, like all cars, does have some room for improvement.



One of the upgrades Zak (owner of 435i)  wanted for his car was to improve the way the 435i sounds with an exhaust system for F32 BMW 435i.

AWE_Tuning_BMW_F32_435i_Exhaust_DinanSprings-34We recently had one of these bad boys in the shop here at Mod Auto, our Performance Install Facility, to correct the lack of sound by installing an exhaust system from AWE Tuning. We’ll be fitting an AWE Tuning Touring Edition Cat-Back Exhaust with Diamond Black tips to give Zak’s 435i the look and sound it deserves.




AWE_Tuning_BMW_F32_435i_Exhaust_DinanSprings-20The stock exhaust is quite functional but lacks character, and Zak agreed that it just wasn’t impressive enough.  To institute a half-ass bandaid fix for the bland sound of the stock exhaust, BMW also added a purely synthetic “Active Sound” for the F32 which is pretty much an exhaust sound audio file that plays back through the speakers within the car. It’s a shame to cover up the sound of a straight six with something synthetic… after all, if we wanted to hear fake engine noise, we can turn on the Playstation and fire up Gran Turismo any day of the week.

AWE_Tuning_BMW_F32_435i_Exhaust_DinanSprings-19This is the first for many people to see and hear, for the first time, the AWE Tuning Exhaust developed specifically for the BMW F32 435i.

BMW 435i AWE Tuning close up 1

AWE Tuning has had a tuning history of 25 years come this January 2016. Within the automotive tuner market, AWE Tuning has expanded globally and is one of the most recognizable aftermarket brands within the European car community. They have established their top-quality products with numerous Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche vehicles and have surfaced their way into the heart of BMW tuning culture.AWE_Tuning_BMW_F32_435i_Exhaust_DinanSprings-33Hearing a real exhaust note is one of the things that fuels Zak’s passion for cars, and the same is true ofmany car enthusiasts out there. The stylish and eye-popping design of the AWE Tuning Touring Edition Exhaust for 435i is one of the most impactful mods for the BMW F32 435i because it not only will change the exterior sound of your car (for the better), but the much improved look will turn heads, drop jaws, and make people stare as you roar down the street. Not many people can say that the pure sound of their car can stop people in their tracks and make em look.


To match the gloss black BMW Performance Diffuser and Spoiler, Zak opted for AWE’s Diamond Black finished tips.



Each exhaust tip is embossed with the AWE Tuning logo for a bespoke touch.

Now, we can go on and on about the features of the product like the welding quality, the type of steel used, the fitment, the lineage of the AWE Tuning product like and so on and so forth. At the end of the day, none of that really matters. They are important, yes, but not nearly as vital as the feeling you get from hearing the sound of your own engine when you nail the throttle in the tunnel. Six cylinders wailing at full tilt at your command.
It’s a feeling. Think about your favorite singer or favorite type of music you enjoy listening to while on the road. Now, think about replacing that music with the soundtrack of your engine instead.  The BMW 435i with the AWE Tuning Touring Edition Exhaust is exactly that, music to your ears.


Curious how it sounds? Check it out for yourself in this video!


BMW 435i AWE Tuning Exhausat Side Profile Mod Auto 1

After seeing how great Zak’s F32 looks with its combination of M Performance Splitter, Spoiler, Side Skirts and Diffuser with Dinan Lowering Springs and a set of handsome 5-spoke wheels – and now finished off with that gorgeous Diamond Black tipped AWE Tuning Exhaust- you might want to consider making a few mods to your own BMW F32 4-Series to make it look and sound its best. After all, life is too short to stay stock.
Have any more questions regarding AWE Tuning and all the performance parts they have to offer? Give us a call at (714) 582-3330 and one of our Mod Experts (Blake Brunner Ext. 8011) will answer and provide you with all the information and technical specs you need to know to get your car the way you want it to be.


Story & Photos Jaybee Valledor
Edited & Updated by Nick Gregson