A while back we had this S550 Ford Mustang GT in the Mod Auto install shop at ModBargains to be fitted with a Borla Exhaust system to give its Coyote V8 that musclecar sound you expect of a proper ponycar.
mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-4Doing an S550 Mustang GT Exhaust is one of the quicker things we can do, so our techs had the boring, quiet factory exhaust system off the car before you could say bob’s your uncle.
The owner of this Mustang opted to give their ponycar its signature musclecar sound with a BORLA Exhaust System for the S550 Mustang GT. Fitted with a set of handsome black tips, the addition of this exhaust system alters the character of the car both visually and in terms of its sound.
mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-8 The side profile is great as well, as the black tips protrude just enough from the rear bumper to make them visible from this angle.mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-9The pronounced exhaust definitely contrinutes to the car’s aggressive look and ties in nicely with the black painted GT wheels.
mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-13 mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-15 mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-16 Here’s a closer look at how the system looks installed.mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-18 The slip-fit modular design makes this system a snap to install.mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-20 mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-21 mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-23 mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-25 mustang_s550_gt_borla_exhaust-26
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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson