Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-20 These days, Porsches have shifted somewhat from being the flat-out racing machines they once were, somewhere along the line, things got a bit quieter, more restrained… today, you can hardly enjoy the sweet song of the flat six behind you with the stock Porsche 991 Exhaust fitted. That’s why the owner of this 991 brought in his 991 Porsche Carrera to see Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei at our install shop, ModAuto.Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-21


Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-27As it turns out, Porsche has been controlling power output in their flat sixes directly through intake and exhaust system restrictions – which is why a Porsche 991 exhaust system can be good for more than a 20 horsepower gain and 30 lb/ft of torque… Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-23Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-6

AWE Tuning has built a solid reputation for themselves after years of work in the Audi market, known for their painstaking attention to detail, has recently expanded into the Porsche and BMW market as well – and they know a thing or two about airflow. The trick is with Porsche Exhaust systems,

Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-3The exhaust defines the rear end aesthetic of your car, so the Quad Chrome Silver Tips of AWE Tuning Porsche Exhaust for 991 Carrera offers a great look. Yes, it looks and sounds good- but it like we said, Porsche limits output by restricting their intake and exhaust systems. However, some of the high flow systems can drone like hell and make driving your own car a headache inducing experience, which is way AWE Tuning turned their attention to detail to the tone of this system for a drone-free setup.


Let’s put two-and-two together here, a company that’s known for being wizards with exhaust systems, and Porsche having restricted flow with that-  yes, this means you’re going to notice a more serious change on the butt-dyno moreso than an exhaust on virtually any other car would yield.


Good for an astonishing 29hp and 33tq gain with a weight savings of 12lbs off the rear end of the car, AWE Tuning‘s new Performance Exhaust System for Porsche 991 Carrera gives your flat six the sexy smooth tone the car always should have had and a hell of a lot more oomph to go with it, which is why AWE Tuning is one of the brands Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei trusts most to recommend to his customers.
Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-4 Here’s a better look at the quad Chrome Silver exhaust tips – they feature a subtle etched AWE Tuning logo to set the system apart.
Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-7 Here’s how the main section of the AWE Tuning Exhaust looks going into the car.
Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-10 And here we are with the tips fitted into place.
Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-11Here’s the rear view to give you a better idea of the dimensions of the system.
Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-13On the ground in the shop, it already looks amazing on the car, we’re sorry you can’t be here to hear it for yourself so have a listen to the sound in this clip from AWE Tuning.

We don’t exactly have a racetrack here to get the car to sing out here yet (that’ll change when the Porsche Performance Center in Carson opens with its racetrack!) so the clip above will have to suffice.
Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-15And here’s how it looks out in the sun.
Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-25The quad chrome silver tips fill out the 911 Carrera’s exhaust openings beautifully.

Porsche_991_911_turbo_AWE_Exhaust-19 As you can see, the exhaust system can give your car a huge change in its appearance, sound and performance – so why drive around without hearing your flat six sing a day longer? As they say, life’s too short to stay stock. So talk to a Mod Expert today – Give us a call here at 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei), stop by the showroom in La Habra, CA during business hours, or Chat Live on ModBargains.com.

Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next time!

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson