Aggressive Wheel Fitment Guide:

Here is where things get interesting. We realize aggressive fitments aren’t for everyone, so if you don’t want to deal with potential rubbing because you require extra camber or possibly need to roll your fenders, feel free to skip ahead to our Recommended Wheel Brands & Models section.

We are going to define aggressive fitments as ones that push the limits of what will fit the car (within reason). This will NOT require any cutting or trimming of parts off your Model Y, but you may need aftermarket suspension components. These fitments are all made with lowering in mind.

All the following fitments will have a similar look as to how flush the fitment appears. 

Aggressive Square Setups – same size front (f) and rear (r):

  • 19 inch
    • 19×9.5 et29-32 | 255/45R19*
    • 19×10.0 et33-35 | 255/45R19*

*265/45R19 is also acceptable for these fitments.

  • 20 inch
    • 20×9.5 et30-32 | 255/40R20*
    • 20×10.0 et35 | 255/40R20*
    • 20×10.5 et40 | 285/35R20**

*265/40R20 is also acceptable for these fitments.

**275/40R20 is also acceptable for these fitments.

Aggressive Square Setup Example Images:

Aggressive Staggered Setups- wider rear (r) than front (f):

  • 19 Inch
    • 19×9.5 et30-32 (f) and 19×10.5 et38-40 (r) | 255/45R19 (f) and 285/40R19 (r)
    • 19×10.0 et35 (f) and 19×11.0 et45 (r) | 265/45R19 (f) and 295/40R19 (r)
  • 20 Inch
    • 20×9.5 et30-32 (f) and 20×10.5 et38-40 (r) | 255/40R20 (f) and 285/35R20 (r)
    • 20×10.0 et35 (f) and 20×11.0 et45 (r) | 265/40R20 (f) and 295/35R20 (r)

Aggressive Staggered Setup Example Images:

*Pictures coming soon*


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