Stock Height Wheel Fitment Guide:

We have seen way too many Model 3’s running around with poorly fitted aftermarket wheels. This is likely not the fault of the owners, sleazy wheel shops will try to push whatever inventory they have on unaware buyers, generally not taking proper fitment or build quality into consideration. So here we are going to break down some basic fitments that will give your Model 3 a better look and be what most people would consider “flush” at stock height (we highly recommend lowering though).

Starting with the stock wheel sizes and offsets we know what the 18/19/20×8.5 +40 looks like.

Tesla Model 3 stock wheel fitment - Very Weak

So with all this room, we generally do not recommend simply adding 5mm of offset to the front wheels as it won’t be a significant change (we say this because a lot of shops and some wheel manufacturers have been recommending 18/19/20×8.5 +35 for the front wheels and even sometimes the rear). It will look okay, but we want to look good, not simply okay (examples below – sorry one is on a lowered Model 3, but you get the picture).

  • Tesla Model 3 19x8.5 +35 square weak fitment

So here are our suggested fitments for a non-lowered Model 3 by width with tire size recommendations. The “et” indicates offset while the numbers are the offset range. For example et30-32 mean that an offset of 30, 31, and 32 are all recommended for a stock suspension setup that will be fairly flush.

Stock Height Square Setups – same size front (f) and rear (r):

All the following fitments will have a similar flushness with the fender.

  • 18 inch
    • 18×8.5 et30-32 | 235/45R18
    • 18×9.0 et35-38 | 245/45R18*
    • 18×9.5 et38-40 | 265/40R18 (test fit pending)

*235/45R18 (f) also acceptable for these fitments.

  • 19 inch
    • 19×8.5 et30-32 | 235/40R19
    • 19×9.0 et35-38 | 245/40R19*
    • 19×9.5 et38-40 | 265/35R19

*235/40R19 (f) also acceptable for these fitments.

  • 20 inch
    • 20×8.5 et30-32 | 235/35R20
    • 20×9.0 et35-38 | 245/35R20*
    • 20×9.5 et38-40 | 265/30R20

*235/35R20 (f) also acceptable for these fitments.

Stock Height Square Setup Example Images:

Black Tesla Model 3 on Vossen VFS2 20x9 +38 front and rear

Vossen VFS-2 – 20×9.0 et35 – Square Setup

White Tesla Model 3 on Avant Garde (AG) M610 20x9.0 et35 front and rear

Avant Garde (AG) – M610 20×9.0 et35 – Square Setup

Stock Height Staggered Setups- wider rear (r) than front (f):

All the following fitments will have a similar flushness with the fender.

  • 18 Inch
    • 18×8.5 et30-32 (f) and 18×9.5 et35-40 (r) | 235/45R18 (f) and 265/40R18 (r)
    • 18×8.5 et30-32 (f) and 18×10.0 et40-45 (r) | 235/45R18 (f) and 265/40R18 (r)
    • 18×9.0 et35-38 (f) and 18×10.0 et40-45 (r) | 245/45R18* (f) and 275/40R18 (r)
    • 18×9.0 et35-38 (f) and 18×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/45R18* (f) and 275/40R18 (r)
    • 18×9.5 et38-40 (f)** and 18×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/45R18 (f) and 275/40R18 (r)

*235/45R18 (f) also acceptable for these fitments.

**pending test fit.

  • 19 Inch
    • 19×8.5 et30-32 (f) and 19×9.5 et35-40 (r) | 235/40R19 (f) and 265/35R19 (r)
    • 19×8.5 et30-32 (f) and 19×10.0 et40-45 (r) | 235/40R19 (f) and 265/35R19 (r)
    • 19×9.0 et35-38 (f) and 19×10.0 et40-45 (r) | 245/40R19* (f) and 275/35R19 (r)
    • 19×9.0 et35-38 (f) and 19×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/40R19* (f) and 275/35R19 (r)
    • 19×9.5 et38-40 (f) and 19×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/40R19 (f) and 275/35R19 (r)

*235/40R19 (f) also acceptable for these fitments.

  • 20 Inch
    • 20×8.5 et30-32 (f) and 20×9.5 et35-40 (r) | 235/35R20 (f) and 265/30R20 (r)
    • 20×8.5 et30-32 (f) and 20×10.0 et40-45 (r) | 235/35R20 (f) and 265/30R20 (r)
    • 20×9.0 et35-38 (f) and 20×10.0 et40-45 (r) | 245/35R20* (f) and 275/30R20 (r)
    • 20×9.0 et35-38 (f) and 20×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/35R20* (f) and 275/30R20 (r)
    • 20×9.5 et38-40 (f) and 20×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/35R20 (f) and 275/30R20 (r)

*235/35R20 (f) also acceptable for these fitments.

Stock Height Staggered Setup Example Images:

Red Tesla Model 3 on VMR V710FF 19x8.5 +35 front and 19x9.5 +45 rear

VMR V710FF – 19×8.5 et35 front and 19.9.5 et45 rear

(you can see the fitment is a little weak even with the wheel turned to hide it)

White Tesla Model 3 on Avant Garde (AG) M615 20x8.5 +30 front and 20x10 +40 rear

Avant Garde (AG) M615 – 20×8.5 et30 front and 20×10.0 et40 rear

You can run a stock height fitment on a lowered Model 3. However, as we stated in the Effects of Lowering on Fitments section, the fitment will be more conservative look.

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