#1. HRE FF01

Last but not least is the HRE FF01. HRE is like the creme of the crop of the wheel industry, a flagship of wheels. HRE is a renowned company with a rich history in creating quality wheels for the true enthusiast. Their Flow Form line consists of very strong wheels that has strength comparable to that of a forged wheel, while retaining a very light weight. The flow form being within a very reasonable price point allowed me to look at these over their forged line of wheels. The classic mesh mixed with slight concave compliments the 4 series new body styling and gives the car the extra “pop” needed to stand out among all the other 4 series on the road. The color options between liquid silver or tarmac black provides the option for either a true, sporty appearance or a very clean, subtle look. One of the most appealing features the Flow Form wheel offers is a very reasonable price point for most 4 series owners. All of HRE Flow Form wheels (FF04 and FF15) will look great on any 4 series, and if this were a top 7 list all their wheels would probably be on this list, but since it is a top 5 the FF01┬átakes the cake with its traditional and classic look, helping it landing its spot on this list. BMW F32 435i HRE FF01 Liquid Silver

19×8.5 +30 (Front) 19×10 +40 (Rear)

BMW F32 435i HRE FF01 Liquid Silver19×8.5 +30 (Front) 19×10 +40 (Rear)

To wrap it up, I compiled this list using flow form wheels because as stated earlier, for the quality and durability you are getting for the price, it is simply the best value money can get when shopping wheels.

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