#2. Forgestar F14

Forgestar as a company managed to revolutionize affordable quality flow form wheels, and were one of the first companies to offer full customization of fitments and finishes in an affordable package in comparison to custom forged wheels. The Forgestar F14 is a very popular wheel among E92 (2007-2013 3-series coupe) owners, and fits very well with the 4 series body. The split 7 spoke design provides a mean and aggressive appearance that turns the heads of everyone when seen. It also utilizes flow form technology, so it has the light weight performance alongside high durability and strength. The F14’s also have the deepest concavity of any wheel. The deep concave option also allows for a more aggressive appearance when paired with the super deep concave in the rear. With a wide variety of options, from concavity, widths, colors, etc., Forgestar really lets you fully customize your wheels to fit your style. The Forgestar F14 is definitely a viable option for not just 4 series owners, but all BMW owners, and should definitely be on anyone’s list when shopping for wheels.

BMW F32 428i Melbourne Red Forgestar F14 Super Deep Concave

19×9 (Front) 19×10 (Rear)

BMW F32 428i Melbourne Red Forgestar F14 Super Deep Concave19×9 (Front) 19×10 (Rear)

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