#5. VMR V803 

The VMR V803 is a great wheel option for your 4 series. VMR has an exceedingly large following among the BMW community, and are known for their traditional European-inspired designs. The V803 is a magnificent option, featuring the bold, five V-Spoke design which fits perfect with the bold body on the 4 series. When fitted with a large width it gives the car the perfect amount of fender well fill, giving it that mean stance that compliments the 4 series tough demeanor. VMR offers both gunmetal and silver, giving you two awesome options to work with whether you want that sporty aggressive look, or the clean and orderly appearance. If you are looking for a bold design, backed by the quality of a flow form wheel, then the VMR will be a fine choice to keep in mind.BMW F32 VMR V803

19×8.5 +35 (Front) 19×9.5 +45 (Rear)

BMW F32 VMR V803

19×8.5 +35 (Front) 19×9.5 +45 (Rear)

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