The BMW 4-Series platform has gained huge attention and notoriety since its split from the coupe 3-series. The 4-series is noticeably more aggressive with its side fender vents, slightly more aggressive body-lines, and its refreshing, new front and rear bumper in comparison to the 3-series. Since its release in 2014, the BMW community has definitely gotten hands-on in regards to modifying the 4-series, taking the car into a completely different playing field. Plenty of aero parts have been produced for the car, as well as performance  and suspension parts (check out our “Best 5 mods for BMW 435i & 428i” post if you want more information regarding modifying your 4 series!), but nothing speaks more than having a new set of wheels. Having a new set of wheels is a statement for your car, and provides an aggressive, sporty feel that stock wheel can not offer. It helps provide your car with that personal touch, making it your own and setting you aside from all the other 4 series on the road.

I have compiled a list of the top 5 wheels based on quality, reputation, and popularity for the BMW 4-series.  As a 435i owner, this list has been made with a 4-series owner in mind and I would happily run any of these wheels on my car.

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