When it comes to selecting an exhaust system for your BMW 335i, many people ask,
“What Exhaust is Best for E92 BMW 335i?” – While to some extent, that answer is subjective – as not everyone prefers the same sound, other factors, like price, fitment and power gains can easily be compared against one another. Shown below is a Remus Sport/Race Exhaust with Quad Tips paired with an
ARKYM rear diffuser. All systems for the 335i are going to be either dual exit or quad tips and there are a wide variety of tip options available to suit your tastes.

Definitively, yes, you can determine objectively the BEST exhausts for BMW 335i E92 is in terms of power, but just like I can’t tell you whether or not you think a painting looks good, I can’t tell you what sound level you will like best, so it is important you listen to as many systems as possible – you have to live with your exhaust system every day so consider whether or not you’ll like how loud something is long term. In terms of absolute power gains, the most powerful exhaust for the E9X 335i was the AE Performance exhaust system, which is sadly no longer available – but in its absence, basically any of the catback systems will yield the greatest gains, in the neighborhood of 10-12whp, whereas an axleback system will yield between 3-7whp, depending.


Cat-Back Exhaust systems offer a gain of around 10hp at the lower end of the spectrum, and that number will increase as you add other modifications. While not the biggest gain by itself, like the intercooler, a good high flow exhaust is an excellent supporting modification that will have your vehicle ready to go to the next level. Here are just a few exhaust options for the E9X 335i. We have videos available so you can gauge sound levels for yourself, and you can always ask a Modification Expert for guidance for what sort of system is best for your needs.

To make your buying decision as easy as possible we’ve listed the HP/TQ gains
posted for each type of exhaust and a photo of each so you can more easily

AE Always Evolving 335i/xi Cat-Back Exhaust System E90/E92

(+18 HP, +13lb/ft Torque) – NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION
Note: We have ONE last AE system left, it’s used, but it’s the last of its kind – call 714-582-3330 for details if you’re interested!


Remus Axle-Back Exhaust for 2007-13 BMW 335i/xi [E90/E92/E93]
The Remus Axle-Back is one of the most popular options around, offering moderate HP gains but a smooth and refined exhaust note that offers just a hint of aggression without being overly loud.



*Vanguard 335i Exhaust (E90/E92/E93)

(+11 HP, +10lb/ft Torque)
This Cat-Back system offers a pleasant tone and a dual muffler layout, as opposed to COBB and VRSF’s single muffler.


COBB Cat-back Exhaust for 2007-13 BMW 335i/is [E90/E92/E93] w/Dual 4in Tips
One of the best sounding systems around, this setup provides the big 4″ tips that hint at greater performance, and though Cobb never advertises HP numbers (they use percentages of gain) we’d expect somewhere around 12-15whp for the catback system. Like all of Cobb’s exhaust systems, the tone is moderate without droning or being obnoxiously loud.

Eisenmann Axle-Back Exhaust for 2007-12 BMW 335i/xi [E90/E92] Dual or Quad Tips

(+4.1HP Sport +6.1HP Racing)

 VRSF Cat-Back Exhaust for 2007-12 BMW 335i E90/E92 Full Kit

VRSF Cat-Back Exhaust for 2007-12 BMW 335i [E90/E92] 3.5in

(No Gains Listed; Not Currently available – Product Undergoing Redesign, ETA Late Winter 2015)
This catback system is similar to the COBB system but is available at a lower pricepoint and with different materials, offering a louder tone than the COBB system.

BMW Performance E9X Exhaust 325i/328i/330i/335i

BMW Performance Cat-Back Exhaust for 2007-13 BMW 325i/328i/330i/335i [E90/E92/E93]

(+5WHP / +3lb/ft Torque)
The BMW Performance Cat-Back is reputed to be the “best sounding” for a daily driven BMW 335i, and works especially well as a Cat-Back system instead of an axle-back.


We hope the above has given you some insight into what your options are when
selecting an exhaust for an E9X BMW 335i – if you’re still unsure, we invite you
to give the Mod Experts a
call at 714-582-3330 today!

Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next time!

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