STREETFIGHTER LA is a Los Angeles, CA based auto performance tech company whose brand represents a departure from the mundane and a unity between function and style. Their wide body kits and aero pieces bring a new and refreshing spin to the body modification of both street and professional motorsports vehicles, the designs themselves being developed to meet the requirements of pro drifting and track functionally.



The company was founded by a pair of die-hard enthusiasts: Lee Coleman and his son Dylan Coleman. Their goal was simple, to drive the STREETFIGHTER LA brand to be broadly influential and appeal to a diverse audience. Lee uses his knowledge and experience as the VP of Viacom to bolster the reputation of the company while Dylan utilizes his design expertise to ensure the quality and styling of STREETFIGHTER LA parts. Our General Manager Alan Wei has actually known Dylan for several years, having previously consulted with him on one of his BMW builds a few years back. We’ve watched the continued development of his personal car modification and how it is reflected in the aesthetics of the builds and parts being produced by STREETFIGHTER LA over the years.



STREETFIGHTER LA as a company made its big splash in the automotive scene 4 years ago with their “ProjectHulk” 2015 Dodge Challenger collab Build with LTMW. The build utilized a Liberty Walk wide body kit, Rotiform wheels, Air Lift suspension, and some custom body work to achieve a look that dazzled. The car was covered by numerous magazines and websites, and well as becoming the the lead car for SEMA Ignited in 2016. This early success jump-started the success of the company and since then they have continued to grow and innovate, now developing their own performance and exterior parts for several car models.



In subsequent projects STREETFIGHTER LA showed their ambition with some truly wild builds, such as a Tesla Powered RWB 911, an E46 M3 with a Supercharged 6.4L Mopar Hemi V8, and an E36 M3 with an RB26DETT. These are not your average show builds, STREETFIGHTER LA is pushing the envelope and making builds that get people talking, whether they agree with what’s been done or not. More recent builds involve use of STREETFIGHTER LA’s own wide body kits for even more unique and standout looks.



These wide body kits are not your typical “show-only” fiberglass body pieces that will crack and chip with normal driving, they are made for real life, and real Motorsport use. Each kit is built out of STREETFIGHTER LA’s special blend of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) which offers higher strength than normal ABS/Urethane, but more flexibility (less prone to cracking) than straight fiberglass. To ensure perfect fitment the vehicle is scanned thoroughly and the kit designs are run through computer software to achieve the very best in precision fitment to the car.



STREETFIGHTER LA’s quality and style is recognized throughout the industry. Since the company’s inception their builds have been featured in countless publications and they have partnered with some big names in the industry. Hoonigan, Mopar, Toyo Tires, CSF, and even Microsoft (Forza 7 promotional vehicle) just to name a few of the companies. They’ve also teamed up with several professional Motorsport drivers to work on various drifting or racing vehicles, as well as some of their more ambitious show builds (such as the Mopar E46 M3). You don’t get that kind of recognition just through branding and marketing, clearly these guys are doing something right.



Currently STREETFIGHTER LA offers wide body kits for the BMW E36 M3, E46 M3, E90/E92 LCI 3-Series, Mitsubishi Evo X, and Chevy Camaro Gen 6, with more kits always in the works. They also offer various aero pieces for the BMW E36, E92, and F30/F80, as well as a roll cage for the Porsche Cayman GT4. If you want to take your car’s looks to the next level be sure to ask one of our Mod Experts about STREETFIGHTER LA parts. They can be reached at (714) 582-3330 or by email at We also have live chat available at during normal business hours.