Wagner Tuning

The Best-Of-The-Best

When it comes to aftermarket parts manufactures, there are two camps. Those who make parts that fit your car, and those who make parts for your car. The former is simply a company that is in the game to make a quick buck. Whether it be the newest shiny bolt-on piece or gimmicky external stick on on trim, these aren’t the companies for you. The latter however, is where the real engineers put in work. Wagner Tuning prides itself as an engineering company first and foremost. It’s truly impressive how meticulous Wagner Tuning is with analyzing the entire system involved in proper charge air cooling.

Building A Strong Partnership

At Modbargains, we are long time supporters of Wagner for over 5 years. We do our best to scream from the mountaintops about Wagner Tunings quality and benefits especially compared to anyone else out there. While Wagner Tuning isn’t well known in the US today, in Europe it is all but a house hold name. ModBargains owner Ron Hay was invited on a guided tour behind the scenes at Wagner Tunings Headquarters in Rodleben Germany. Head of Sales & Marketing, Ben Naumann, gave exclusive access behind the whole design philosophy and ethos of the company.

Wagner Tuning Head Quarters Intercooler

A Developer, Not a Manufacturer

As Ben Naumann states himself, “Wagner Tuning is a parts developer, and not a manufacturer”. In other words, Wagner is responsible for the entire process of product development, testing, and manufacturing. Nothing is outsourced keeping quality control incredibly high as well as the ability to adapt and change at will. With a Wagner Tuning product, you are not getting a part that fits using a hodge-podge of core and end tank designs. Here everything is bench tested, rated, improved, and tested again.

Wagner Tuning Intercooler Design

Hand Crafted, From Start To Finish

The birth of all new products from Wagner start off with initial flow tests on a factory intercooler. This becomes the base line for flow rate and cooling performance. From here both the vehicle and individual parts are 3D scanned. Meanwhile, thousands of internal core designs and end tanks are simulated with advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation software. Lastly, final hands on assembly, bench tests for leaks, and documentation of performance gains and temperature control are all recorded. All before double boxing each intercooler for world-wide delivery and eventually your door step.

Wagner’s obsession for perfection is unmatched in the performance intercooling market. Frankly their moto speaks for itself, “Fits like OEM but performs like a racecar”. When you purchase a Wagner Tuning product, your getting the best performing, highest quality intercooling product available for you’re vehicle period.

Wagner Tuning Intercooler Research and Development

For the full video breakdown, check out the link below. We also offer a full range of Wagner Tuning products available online, with many popular models in stock at our local warehouse for immediate shipment.

If your ready to pick up a Wagner Tuning intercooler for your car today, or simply want more information about these or other mods, contact any one of our team of highly trained and experienced Mod Experts. Each one has a rich history of car modding and can help with mod suggestions, wheel fitment help, and more! To reach our general Mod Expert line call (714) 582-3330 or email Sales@Modbargains.com. We also have live chat available at Modbargains.com during normal business hours.