Here at ModBargains, we talk about performance parts for BMWs like intakes and exhausts fairly often, but another aspect of your build is just as important for putting that smile on your face every time you walk out the door and see the car – its appearance. While yeah, there are people who go all “fast-and-the-furious” with their cars and get a bit carried away, it’s also true that the right suite of cosmetic parts can really set your car apart from every other car in the valet queue.

With a car like the F30 BMW 328i and 335i, you have to realize that while yeah, it’s a BMW, it’s the most common BMW with millions of others just like your car out in the wild – what’s the fun in looking like everyone else? Check out this F30 BMW 335i fitted with a suite of cosmetic enhancements that gives the F30 Exterior a look all its own.

First and foremost, you’ll notice that the kind of boring OEM front bumper has been replaced with a much more attractive and far more athletic M-Sport Front Bumper, paired with M-Sport Side Skirts and M-Sport Rear Bumper to match.


Enhancing that aggression further is a M-Sport Front Splitter, the ideal compliment to this style bumper.


The kidney grilles have been swapped out for a pair of Carbon Fiber Kidney Grilles, creating a more sporting with a set of lowering springs to get rid of the excess wheelgap from the F30 Suspension, this is a car that looks the way BMW designers intended it to.
bmw-f30-335i-msport-coilovers-remus-quad-cf-kidneys-3 Changing the look of the car at the rear, the much sportier M-Sport Rear Bumper has been upgraded with a M-Performance style Rear Diffuser, set up for a quad

Adding an accent to the rear decklid is a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Trunk Spoiler.

bmw-f30-335i-msport-coilovers-remus-quad-cf-kidneys-5 The rather bland dual exit single tip BMW F30 Exhaust leaves a lot to be desired, but the addition of quad tips really gives the car a classic German Tuner look. Beyond looking badass, the Remus Quad Exhaust for F30 BMW 335i also enhances performance and power with a deep, authoritative exhaust

As this car so clearly demonstrates, the little details and cosmetic modifications really add up together, creating an altogether different car when all is said and done. Check out the rest of the car in detail in the photos below.

bmw-f30-335i-msport-coilovers-remus-quad-cf-kidneys-10 bmw-f30-335i-msport-coilovers-remus-quad-cf-kidneys-11 bmw-f30-335i-msport-coilovers-remus-quad-cf-kidneys-12 bmw-f30-335i-msport-coilovers-remus-quad-cf-kidneys-13

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson